How To Experience The Most Abundant & Profitable Year Your Business Has Ever Had

How To Experience The Most Abundant & Profitable Year Your Business Has Ever Had


Last year Michelle was desperate.

She’d started her holistic business 4 years before and still had not broken even.  2 years ago she’d spent thousands of dollars on a direct mailer that didn’t bring her a single customer!

Something had to change and she was finally willing to listen.

She reached out to me last year trying to understand what she was doing wrong.

After talking with her I was convinced that she was an excellent, highly trained and qualified practitioner and she was extremely passionate about helping others transform their health and lives.  

What she hadn’t done was become highly trained as a business owner.  

She had never created clear specific strategies for growth each year and didn’t know what it took to grow.  

She just thought if she put herself out there and provided excellent service, she would naturally grow.

The truth of her situation hit her like a ton of bricks. She needed to invest in herself to become the business owner she wanted to be in order to get the results she wanted to have.

She decided to stop chasing her fantasy and start acquiring the skills she was missing.

Each year, about this time of year, I lead a group of business owners through a process called,

“2018 – Your BEST Year”

After 33 years as an entrepreneur myself and 20 years training other business owners, I can attest that this is the most important work you can do for your business every year.

The skills, structures and processes taught in this one-time-a -year-only master class is the key to your growth.  It helped Grace double her revenue in 4 months, Seth increased his revenue $13,000 per month in 8 months, and Susan grew over 40% a year two years in a row.

I taught them how to create a simple, uber clear, specific strategy and action plan for the growth of their unique business… and in this master class I’m going to walk you through every single step of that process.

By the time you’re done with the class you’ll have a complete and executable set of plans and action steps for an effective, fun and profitable 2018.

I’d like to invite you to register for “2018  – Your BEST Year” not only to give yourself this life-changing skill but to help you change your business results forever.

 “Take Me to the Details Now.”

Renae Bechthold
Professional Business Coach

Metro Business Coaching
Metro Health & Wellness

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