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Renae, owner of Metro Health and Wellness, is a holistic business coach with three and a half decades of experience developing and operating profitable businesses.


Her company, which focuses on business development for holistic health (CAM) professionals including the new emerging field of health coaches, has trained thousands of small businesses worldwide. Professionals who use her programs double or triple their income within one year. Starting in the mid 1980’s, she guided her niche software development company for 20 years, from start up to sale, into the largest company of its kind. Her own holistic health start-up grew to a half-million dollars in sales in less than three years.

Renae’s eclectic background as an entrepreneur, certified massage therapist, performance artist, and 25 years of traditional Japanese martial arts training (Aikido) uniquely positions her to support her clients, as do her years of being educated by business leaders such as Harv Eker (Secrets of The Millionaire Mind) and Michael Gerber (The E-Myth), spiritual leaders such as Marianne Williamson, energy medicine leaders such as Carolyn Myss, and functional and lifestyle medicine leaders such as Jeffrey Bland, PHD.

As someone who is “bilingual” in the languages of business (systems, structures, operations, marketing, sales, finance) and wellness, Renae skillfully guides her clients in merging passion, possibility, and profit. Energies like fear and anxiety turn into excitement and motivation, as Renae explains how to approach the company body like the human body — optimizing its health through simple strategies and tiny action steps. A deeply spiritual woman committed to transformation, Renae is devoted to her clients and is with them every step of their journey — knowing that the stronger their businesses, the greater their ability to change the world, one healthy person at a time.

My Story

“My journey into holistic health and healing is a rather circuitous one and perhaps this eclectic journey is why I can transmit a depth and breadth of business knowledge and skills in this industry.

First, I fell in love with the idea that we can actually have a powerful say in our own health and healing, well-being and well-fair. At the age of 17, a friend gave me a nutrition book and I devoured it. I was fascinated that we can know so much about how to be and stay healthy just through proper nutrition. I was determined to go on to college and study business and nutrition. Business, because I had always loved the subjects of business and entrepreneurs ran in my family; nutrition because it was my new found passion.

What I ended up actually getting my degree in however, was theology, ethics and spirituality. That’s a longer story. Even that many years ago, however, I knew that somehow, someday my life would integrate all of these experiences and passions.

And it did. While running and operating a software company, my partner at the time decided to become a Chiropractor. So that’s what he did. I decided to learn the art and skill of western therapeutic and Japanese massage to eventually integrate with chiropractic. Once licensed, we opened an integrated chiropractic, holistic-naturopathic healthcare and bodywork clinic in Southern California. We applied the business knowledge and skills we learned from starting, growing and running our technology company (which was also still active) to the health care practice and we thrived from that first year on growing quickly to nearly a half million dollars in sales and services by the end of our third year.

I tell you this background for several reasons. First, if you’re going to get trained to grow a thriving naturopathic, health, wellness, or fitness, yoga, pilates, martial-arts or spiritual guidance practice, you want to be trained by someone who’s actually done it and who has practiced over and over again the things they will be teaching you. Secondly, I want you to know what’s possible for you by getting the appropriate training and being on the right path that will give you the opportunity to produce the same kinds of results as others who have gone down this same path.

The programs we offer are designed to change your life. No less. I’m not kidding. It is designed to completely alter the way you do business in a profound yet, simple, natural and organic way. It is designed to give you completely different results than you have ever gotten before.

Our coaching programs and trainings, if followed as designed, will make you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next years to come. Imagine the good you could do in the world with that kind of income.

After personally teaching and coaching hundreds of people in the holistic health fields from doctors, to therapists, to body workers, to energy workers, every single one of them has experienced a profound shift in understanding and behavior when it comes to their business. Some have experienced growth of nearly a thousand percent and ROI’s (return on their investment from this and the coaching programs) of several thousand percent and these are professionals who are no different than you. They simply had a desire for something more, they were willing to invest in themselves to learn how to cause that something more, and they were open and coachable to learning a new way of doing things.

Ultimately I am out to cause a profound shift in how many people can be empowered and proactive with their health and well being. That’s where you come in. If you are struggling financially, you can’t really help more people become empowered and proactive about their healing and their health. Think of it this way, your financial growth is a direct measure of how many people you are helping and have the capacity for helping. Staying scared and small, limits your ability to make a difference in your communities. By helping you create a thriving business for yourself, I am also along with you, helping more people become healthier.”