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Intensive, Accelerated  Business Growth Program

As the industry leader in business coaching and training for holistic healing and movement professionals, this is our commitment to you.

We are committed that you master the business side of being a holistic health, fitness and/or wellness professional.  This means business development and personal development.

In our private mentorship program we address:

 WHO you are as a multi-dimensional, evolving being.

WHAT your business conditions are and the A-Z systems and structures that cause your business to flourish (or not be flourishing).

 HOW to do what you need to do – the actual detailed steps; how you’re being inside and out, how you think, how you speak, how you write, how you approach everything in your business and life and how to do it in a way that will have you reach your goals and experiencing life that way you’ve always wanted.

WHEN to plan, when to take action, the time/space structures and capacities that enable you to scale.  This is HUGE and hardly anyone pays attention to this let alone puts it powerfully into place.

WHY  you are doing this and what motivates you from the core of your being to the practicalities of your life — Consciously and Deliberately.

“I feel amazing, like I am really making a difference. I’ve seen it, and had a client tell me how I have changed her life. I have met all my financial goals, I have met the number of people promised, and have an 85% rebooking rate and I’ve only been in this program a few weeks. This is amazing!”
– Shae O’Riordan, PA

How does this program work?

The Business Master Private Coaching Program is a live one-to-one weekly, rigorous coaching, mentoring, training process.  Throughout the minimum duration of a year, we uncover everything about why you and/or your business is stuck, why you can’t break through your current ceiling, what needs to be put in place and consistently acted on to get you to your next level — whatever those goals look like for you.

Uncovering and identifying is not the only thing we do.  That’s just the first layer.  We then have you go to work, being in consistent action over time, instilling and practicing these entrepreneurial skills sets until they are part of your DNA.  You must become a master at the business side of your client work in order to reach those goals, lifestyle and experience you dream of.

Every department of your company, whether your business is just you or you have a team, needs to be aligned, integrated, functional, flowing, and moving forward.  You must have a strategic goal, plans of action, effective marketing (marketing that works vs. stuff that doesn’t work), properly converting sales systems and well-managed financial systems.  Effective time and person management is essential.  Your own life-balance is indispensable.  Any of these missing or ineffective?  Read on.

We not only dive into every area or department of your company, but we dive into your own mindset, your way of being, your habits and beliefs.  We dismantle the invisible blocks keeping you from the levels of personal and professional success you know is possible for you.

Ultimately, this coaching program is designed to have you generate stable, repeatable, profitable, sustainable results and an extraordinarily unparalleled experience of life.

Here are a few things you will be working on

  • Learn to embody the Mind Set Habits that set you up for extreme success. Breakthrough your fears, resistance, or current performance ceiling.
  • Master the Time Management Monster – Learn to focus and organize client and business time for maximum flow, productivity, ease, and freedom.
  • Marketing Magic – Implement the right marketing strategy for a thriving  business – stuff that doesn’t suck your time or budget and produces a continuous flow of qualified repeat clients.
  • Conversion and Retention –The 2 most important skillsets to have – Get you and your team converting and retaining at 90+% .
  • Master the craft of Planning Your Business and Workin’ Your Plan to create forecasts, timelines and tracking that naturally cause profitability and sustainability.
  • Master Financial Management with a conscious, active budget and innovative systems that keep your finger on the pulse of your business causing you certainty and predictability around your revenue and income.
  • Power of Now – Stay present to what motivates you and causes commitment so that your practice, business, programs, naturally fill and you can stay focused on clients.
  • Heart Centered Leadership – Learn the essential structures that will make you profitable but keep you leading from your heart.
  • Strengthen leadership skills and essential processes to inspire and manage a great team.
  • Strong accountability coaching and mentorship that naturally causes you to excel.

In addition to weekly private meetings that are held over the phone and internet, you will receive a business development workbooks, templates, forms, documents, tools and apps that are already designed for use in your business immediately.

How do you know if this program is right for you?

It takes commitment and conviction.  Do you have these attributes?  If you do, then the following situations would qualify you for this program:


➤  You are in business already and it’s just not paying the bills.  Something’s missing and you are frustrated.

➤  You are doing OK in your business.  Your current clients, students, customers, really like you. They get great results from you, but you need more of them — more new clients — and what you are currently doing is not bringing in enough new clients.

➤  You’re doing great and you are ready to expand, take your business to the next level, but you don’t have a clue what to do next, what to do differently, how to get there.

➤  You’re ready to launch your business or your practice.  You want to be sure you are doing it with ALL the cards stacked in your favor and you want it to be wildly successful from the get go — oh and you are 1,000% committed to your venture and to your growth.

➤  You’re making good money, you’re helping a lot of people, and you’re still broke, barely able to pay the bills or your scared that you might not be able to.  You can’t seem to get ahead and you know there’s some missing knowledge and skills around managing your business and it’s income that you’re ready to learn and master.

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Business Analysis Session

This session will give you an in-depth look at whether this program is right for you and what you should be doing next with your business. In other words, which actions will get you the best results to have you accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

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What’s The Cost of This Investment?

Business Master Private: $700 a month.

Unlimited Private. Approximately 1 hour each week.

Business Master Private 30:  $400 a month.

Limited private. Approximately 1/2  hour each week or 2, 1-hour meetings per month.

We use the “pay-as-you-grow” method not the pay up front method.  Although you are ultimately responsible for taking the necessary actions towards your results, we are co-conspirators in your success.  Your goals become our goals, we have your back and are with you every incremental win at a time.  Its important to experience these steps and recognize the value of your investment month by month.  Ultimately this mentorship program is designed so that you can be earning vastly more than what you’ll be paying to learn how to properly, effectively and profitably run and grow your business. It’s not unusual for our clients to generate several hundred percent return of their own business income on this monthly investment in their business training.

However, THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED! WHY? Because if you are not willing to do the work, consistently take action on implementing the right systems, structures, and processes, and on cultivating the right inner mindset and habits, then you are just kidding yourself. Having a profitable, sustainable business while personally thriving is not easy — but it’s way harder to struggle, to always feel overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, alone, or to be broke and to become disillusioned with the very thing you were once passionate about.

It DOES get easier, if you know the right steps to take, have the right approach, and have the right guidance. The good news is that I’ll be with you every step of the way while you gain the skills at becoming a truly amazing holistic health business entrepreneur and leader. The world needs you, your skills, your service.

Business Master Advanced 30:  $430 a month.

Approximately 1/2  hour each week or 2, 1-hour meetings per month. This program reserved only for advanced business owners who have worked with Metro in a full coaching program previously and require short term, advanced coaching/consulting services.  This fee is not subject to a minimum 12 months and can be used in a month to month arrangement.

Business Master Special Consulting and Monthly:  $250 a month.

For one meeting only sessions as well as advanced business owners who are ready to meet monthly instead of weekly.

Listen to Julie’s Experience:

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If you’re even a bit curious whether you could use a business coach who is a specialist in your industry, give us a call. We’d love to speak with you.