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8 Easy Steps to Create and Execute the Most Effective and Powerful Client Attracting Marketing System and the Actions that Will Fill Your Practice with a Steady Flow of New Clients

A Marketing Boot Camp for Massage, Bodywork, Yoga, Pilates and other Holistic Health Business Owners. So easy, anyone can do this kind of marketing.  So powerful and effective, it will fill your practice.

  • Gain necessary knowledge and skills to create an effective marketing plan and system that will save you enormous amounts of time and frustration.

  • Be able to implement your system in a way that naturally causes a flow of new qualified leads, prospects and clients.

  • Be consistent with your marketing rather than doing random acts, feeling lost and getting yo-yo (up & down) results.

  • Eliminate the angst and frustration at having spent too much money and too much time on tactics that don’t work and were never designed to work for an extreme service and relationship based business like yours.

  • Put your system into real action and start seeing better results during this 6 weeks/6 module program.

  • Learn tactics where you spend ZERO money on marketing and where you get your best and highest flow of clients.

What Will I Get in This Program?

As part of the course materials, you will receive several important training materials and tools.

  • An 82 page easy-to-read and implement manual that teaches you about marketing from the ground up.  What marketing is. What marketing is not. The misconceptions that cause extreme confusion — that you can learn to identify so they can stop getting in your way.  The true distinctions and concepts that make so much sense because they are natural and simple  to implement. Exercises to help you define each of the smaller elements and ingredients for effectively marketing your services.
  • A 48 page “done-for-you” proven and effective already written marketing plan and system with all of the steps to marketing your business fully described including a marketing calendar and tracking tool.
  • A simple to create and execute One Page Marketing Plan that spells out the primary elements for you in an easy to fill in format.  Then just execute.
  • All 4 Word Of Mouth Marketing Secrets instructional guidebooks.
  • Marketing Calendar framework, template and process.
  • Marketing Tracking templates.
  • Through this 6 module on-demand streaming video, you will get mentored and trained in how to do your marketing the right way. You will learn and practice the marketing actions that get the best and fastest results and you will gain confidence as a business owner and no longer feel stuck or wonder why some things you are currently doing aren’t working.

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Anytime you want. Anywhere you want.


Anytime you want. Anywhere you want.


Program Overview

Each session you will be laying down an important piece of the puzzle starting with the correct perspective and understanding of marketing, attracting quality clients and growing your business. Without this, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and stuck. You end up doing nothing or get lost in the dizzying plethora of choices, spending money you don’t have for results you don’t get.

What you will take away from Marketing Mastery is based on actual, real, simple, no-money-spent, methods that other business owners just like you have used over and over again to realize the massive business growth they have achieved.


Session 1 You gain the proper foundation and true essence of what marketing is, what it is not, and why it is so vital to the life of your business. From this simple transformation in mind-set you will immediately begin attracting different results because you’ll be behaving differently. You will cease being intimidated by this thing called “marketing” because you will see very clearly how it can be a simple extension of your own heart, your own authentic passion for why you do what you do and why you have your business. Without this shift, you will always have trouble marketing your business and getting new clients in your door.


We bust the top 3 myths about marketing you’re probably making right now, and then tell you what to do about it.

Session 2   You begin addressing and solidifying some fundamental questions about your business like, who is my ideal client and why? Who and what is my ideal market and why? Without establishing this clarity, your marketing will be so vague very few people will ever connect to it or your business. Marketing is about communicating to your “market”; not yelling at them, communicating… and communicating in a manner they understand. In other words you gotta know them and their language to be able to have your marketing be effective. In this session you will get crystal clear and the “homework” is that you put that clarity into practice.


You’ll also begin crafting your unique marketing message. You’ll learn the formula for creating any marketing message at anytime that has your message be extremely compelling for your ideal client. You’ll also learn what to avoid– what to stop doing — what things you are including in your marketing communications that are killing your results.

Session 3 & 4 You create your marketing plan — the WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, HOW and WHEN. This systematic yet simple approach to your marketing creates consistency — a consistent flow of new and repeat business. Without this definitive and clear consistent approach, you have no chance at counting on a steady clientele. We will explore each aspect of your marketing plan so that you are so crystal clear about why you are following it and extremely present to what it is going to do for your business.
You will define the best methods/channels to carry your marketing message so that you not only “get your name out there”, but you attract plenty of the right kinds of clients. This piece is vital for knowing exactly where to find your best clients.


You will learn and put into place the exact marketing actions that are THE MOST EFFECTIVE AT ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS. You won’t be experimenting here. You will be doing the tried and true top most effective actions and processes.


The best part — they cost nothing to implement. We dive into a very specific powerful marketing action you will take as practice “homework” during your week.


You get coached on how to improve what you’re starting to put into practice. How to make it better, how to improve your results. We dive into learning 2 more critical marketing actions from your plan that got created in week 3. And for “homework”… you guessed it, practice your new skills so you can get better at them.

Session 5   By now you will be getting better results with your marketing, more referrals, more leads, better leads and booking more clients because of it. You continue getting coached on how to improve what you’re putting into practice. You put the final powerful marketing actions into place and continue improving and refining your message and your ability to effectively interact with interested potential clients. You’ll also be setting up a powerful, yet simple, marketing calendar that enables you to be consistent when it comes to implementing your marketing actions.


Session 6   How do you know what thing is really causing your best marketing result?  In this module, you learn how to assess your marketing activities, how to know when to get rid of the stuff that’s not working — even though you may be throwing hundreds of dollars at it — and just concentrate on the stuff that’s working. You’ll learn when its the right time to expand beyond your basic marketing plan and launch into more advanced forms of marketing. You’ll learn when to use social media and other online marketing tactics and when it will just suck your time and give you nothing in return. Some types of holistic businesses need different types of marketing approaches and methods. You will learn and apply exactly what is right for you.


After you order this training — see large buttons below — I will personally contact you and then send you all 6 module links along with easy to download materials for each session, including the following eWorkbooks:  Authentic Marketing 101, Your Perfect Marketing System, One Page Marketing Plan, Word Of Mouth Marketing Secrets, (sold separately for $241. FREE with Marketing Mastery).

I would love to work with you in this program.  Call me and we can discuss whether this program is the right fit for you and your business… or just tap the order button below.


Anytime you want. Anywhere you want.


Anytime you want. Anywhere you want.


About Your Presenter

Renae Bechthold

Renae BechtholdRenae, CEO, business authority and coach has been building, growing and operating profitable companies for three decades. She uses her two distinct passions 1) holistic health care and 2) causing profound transformation for others — along with her unique experience and business acumen, to teach other business owners in the professions of health and well-being how to thrive as a business and as business owner. As co-founder of an integrative health care practice in the 1990’s, Integrated Healthcare Solutions, LLC, her small company grew to nearly half a million dollars in sales in just 3 years.

Renae is uniquely “bilingual” in the languages of business and holistic health & wellness. She skillfully guides her clients in merging passion, possibility, and profit. Her approach to business success is mirrored in how the human body itself thrives — optimizing its health through simple strategies, universal principles and specific, effective action steps. A deeply spiritual woman Renae is committed to her clients’ success and is with them every step of their journey — knowing that the stronger their businesses, the greater their ability to change the world, one healthy person at a time. Her skill at teaching, coaching and transmitting basic and advanced skill-sets required for higher income is demonstrated by her clients’ extraordinary growth. Professionals who participate in her training programs double, triple, or quadruple their income within one year. Renae will be taking each participant through the most essential, effective and necessary building blocks for truly thriving, profitable and sustainable business success.