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Learn How To Sign-up (convert) and Retain 90% Of Your Clients, Make the Kind Of Money That Will Have You Thrive Financially, And Make A Difference For More People.


You may have wondered about this: What are the super successful massage, bodywork, yoga, pilates and holistic health and alternative medicine professionals doing to retain so many of their clients? Why are their businesses always full? What secret modality do they know that I can learn too?

It’s not a physical medicine modality, it’s not a unique set of  poses, it’s not a special herb.

It’s not their personality or their charm or their good looks.

It is a system. And they don’t teach you this system in healing schools or training programs. school. In fact, nobody teaches this stuff. For those who know about it, it’s like the holy grail — a closely guarded and hidden secret.

It’s application can literally make you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime as a health professional.

Up till now, I’ve only shared this system with my personal business coaching clients. But I’ve decided that it is far too important to not share it widely to the massage, bodywork and alternative health Profession. This BUSINESS IN-FOCUS is solely dedicated to the topic of teaching you how to increase your client sign-up and rebook rate — which is to say, your client retention — to 90%.

You can apply this system whether you’ve been in business 20 years or just getting certified. Experience in your craft has nothing to do with whether you can be financially successful.

Many of our clients go from a couple of thousand dollars a month to over $10,000 a month in their first year of business by applying this system you will learn in this audio training. In other words, its not rocket science. The only requirement is that you have a sincere desire to truly help people and to make a difference for their bodies, their health and their well-being.

Using this system costs you nothing to apply in your own practice. Learning it inside of this On Demand Training program is just $35. But that $35 can turn into thousands of dollars for you in just a few weeks. The only requirement is that you learn it, then on-goingly practice using it.

If your books are not yet consistently full and or you are not booked out a month ahead, it could be because you don’t know or have a client retention process in place.

I invite you to attend the most important training of your career and the only time this training will be given this year: How to Sign-up and Retain 90% of Your Clients. If you:

This On Demand training comes with not only the audio training file, but the documented printable training materials as well.


This training walks you through the most critical contact point you have with your new client that will have them want to rebook with you — and that’s their very first visit with you. Do this right and your clients will be asking you how to become a consistent client.

Plus, their are 3 more easy to implement steps you can take to guarantee that you keep your clients and not lose them. This training walks you through each of those steps and has you take easy actions to begin turning your practice into a client retention machine. This won’t happen without your consistent action in this area. These actions don’t cost you a dime, they just take a bit of your time and attention — and they work!

If you love working with your clients and you want learn how to keep them, and you…

  • Feel like you are struggling to get clients to rebook.
  • Feel like you have to “convince” them, but don’t know how.
  • Want clients to rebook with you naturally.
  • Want more clients and are not making the kind of money you want to be making.
  • Are passionate about helping people with their health and well being.

Then click this link and take the On Demand training today.

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Client sale and retention training for Massage, Bodywork, Yoga, Pilates and other Holistic Health Professionals.


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After registering, you will be sent, via email, the link to download this training MP3 or Stream it on site.  You will also be able to view and download to your computer the training documents.  They are in an easy compatible PDF format. 

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