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14 Principles That Drive Extraordinary Success

Your Mindset, 14 Principles

Your Mindset

14 Principles That Drive Extraordinary Success

How to cultivate powerful thinking, habits, emotions and beliefs that will naturally generate a flow of successful results and outcomes.


80% or more of your  results will be determined by your mindset –how you think, how you feel, your internal perspectives, your opinions, your beliefs, your habitual way of being, your outlook, your attitude, the reactions that are spawned by these – the ‘mental game’ you play in life.  The zinger is for most of us most of the time we are or have been unconscious to these and the mechanisms that produce our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.

Of all the educational material, distinctions, workbooks, training, etc that I provide, I truly believe this one is the most important.  Everything else becomes really ineffective if we don’t have a mindset that supports us in being successful or in having the life experience that we desire, imagine, yearn for.

This workbook focuses primarily on the positive principles and perspectives around mindset and how to apply each in the course of building or running a successful business.  Simple action steps are given to help you cultivate these as deeply embedded ways of being. These are the “DNA strands”  — the “genetic code” for being an extraordinary business owner with a thriving life.

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