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The #1 Most Powerful and Effective Method for Turning Interested Prospects Into Lifetime Clients.

2 Topical eLearning Workbooks. Purchase both for just $79  and get a bonus live coaching session.

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Lifetime Clients eLearning Workbook

Lifetime Clients

Three simple methods to impact customer engagement that will result in a full schedule of returning clients, customers and students.

The secret to keeping your business full of returning clients.   16 pages includes exercises, scripts, templates and forms.


How to cause clients to remain your customers is just as important as attracting them in the first place. It is so much more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to retain your current customers, but most professionals just don’t know how to do this on purpose.

This training will not only give you the psychology behind why customers stay but will also give you powerful yet easy action steps to incorporate into your business operations that will have your customers naturally and organically staying with you and regularly using your services.

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Mastering Sales & Retention eLearning Workbook

Mastering Sales & Retention

How to generate full schedules of ideal clients, customers and students.

An A-B-C Implementation Guide with checklists, sequenced scripts, templates and processes for producing 90% client conversion and retention   48 pages plus 9 additional forms.


Included as part of our $300 Sales & Retention Mastery OnDemand Boot Camp training, this eLearning Workbook is nearly 50 pages of explicit instructions, processes, forms, and materials to train you on the most key area of your business — converting leads into paying customers — at 1/4 the price.   As a health and wellness, fitness or mind-body professional, if you are not converting and retaining at 80%+ you are doing something wrong.  

This training will help you turn your sales results around, if its not doing so well or if you have a new business, help you set up the right systems and structures from the beginning.  

Uncover and transform your core resistance to the “sales” process and learn powerful perspectives, action steps and skills for converting and retaining up to 90% of your qualified prospects.

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