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Learn to Master Your Mind’s Most Powerful Tool
For Extraordinary Business Growth

It’s not hard work…

It’s not a “Secret.” It’s not a spiritual practice. It’s not a book.
It’s not a diet or some special drink.

Yet these tools, used by the worlds most successful people, already belong to you. You already have them.

What’s missing then? Why aren’t you already experiencing the business success you dream of, you know you are capable of, you absolutely deserve?

Nobody taught you how to use these tools.

Pure and Simple.

They aren’t tough to learn. But, knowledge is useless unless it is applied. And, just like anything you’ll need to practice using them.

I could list these tools right here for you — they are that simple — but it wouldn’t do you any good… unless you practice them. Just like someone could tell you how to do massage or yoga or meditation or pilates, but unless you actually do it, practice it, you wouldn’t really know and it would make no difference in your life.

So you might be asking, “How can I learn to use them?”

OK. Instead of just giving you this information, you are going to get to practice the tools — every week for 7 weeks. That will start to give you some facility and power with these tools. That will have you taking action and getting results in your business, and your life. That will bring you the kind of success you only wished was possible but haven’t been consistently experiencing.

If this is something you want for yourself, if you see that you deserve the same kind of fabulous life other heart-centered, successful people in the world have, then I invite you to participate in this very special coaching series.

We Booked Our Practice 3 Months Ahead
“This was a remarkable class that helped not only to fill our practice so that it was
booked 3 months in advance, but also provided profound insights about the power of
thinking and it’s ability to effect not only how we feel, but how life manifests around us.
If you take this class you will be totally blown away by the extent to which your life has
been determined by thoughts that you never even knew you had.” ~D.G. Rolfer, CA

Learn and practice 6 powerful laws of the mind.

Learn and practice the amazing power of your sub-conscious mind.

Eliminate negativity and negative self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and actions.

Create a blue-print for manifesting and generating exactly what you want.

Learn and practice the exercises that will automatically and easily create your success.

This is not positive thinking.

The problem with positive thinking is that if your mind doesn’t believe it, you won’t do squat. You want to train your mind to believe what you want it to believe not what it wants you to believe. Yep! Your mind is not you.

I already know this stuff “, you might be saying right now.

Well… if ANY of these apply to you:

  • still struggling and don’t have a crystal clear image or vision of what you want,
  • feel like you are moving through mud,
  • feel constant uneasiness or emotional overwhelm,
  • struggle with negative thoughts and feelings,
  • keep changing your mind moving from idea to idea but not really quite getting anything accomplished ,
  • cannot seem to get headed in the right direction,
  • feel unmotivated and uninspired,
  • lack the sense of inner fulfillment…

…then I am going to be so bold as to say… you haven’t changed your core beliefs and… You don’t really know “this stuff”!

How can I be that bold?

I too was confused, scared, scattered and overwhelmed.

My personal life was a mess and it kept me and my business smaller than I wanted it to be — smaller then I knew it could be. You know what I kept asking myself?

I’ve been “studying” all this metaphysical, energy and consciousness stuff for years, why am I still struggling?!

I thought maybe someone ‘up there’ just wanted me to struggle — like somehow I deserved to struggle while others deserved to be successful.

Ever feel that way?

Then I started digging in, I started asking questions, I started training myself and finding the best trainers in the world who knew HOW to use the tools I thought I knew about.

So… I’m giving this very special, limited series because my own clients – and you – have a sincere and strong desire to understand how to do it, how to truly succeed consistently.

Here’s what to do next:

Order the webinar for Master Your Mind, Minset Mastery for Your Business now. It is designed as a 7-week series with 1 week in between to enable you to do the practices and deepen your new habits. You get streaming recordings over the internet plus each week’s documents and materials. The full series is only $99. This course will absolutely, 100% transform your business and your own outlook and behaviors in your business. This program has a 100% money-back guarantee. If you get no results and nothing changes after taking the course and after 3 months using the materials, just call me and we’ll send you your money back.

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This digital streaming version is $99.

When registering and paying for this training, ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS otherwise you won’t get the instructions for streaming or downloading this training.

After registering, you will be sent, via email, the link to the training page. There are 7 audios to this training.  You will also be able to view and download to your computer the training documents. They are in an easy, compatible PDF format.

There is no expiration on this webinar. If you prefer a CDROM, please contact us at 1-877.239.0340 or 1-858.689.9777.