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How To Budget, Manage Your Cash Flow, and Become More Empowered Around Money 

Planning For Prosperity

Planning For Prosperity

Principles, mindset, and A-B-C implementation guide for more masterfully managing your cash flow for the prosperity of your company and your life.



Finally… A deceptively simple way to build wealth, prosperity and financial flow from your business revenue.  It’s a fact nearly half of all Americans spend everything they earn and even more are a paycheck away from disaster.  Money is not the answer to everything, nor should it be all that we focus on or strive for in a quality, thriving life.  However, if you are always on the edge, with your business or your personal life, that makes for extreme stress and dis-enjoyment of one’s life experience.   Besides… a business cannot survive if you, the owner, don’t know or follow certain principles for managing the flow of money from such a business.  You won’t be able to sustain a family nor generate extra to give to your community and those in need.  Managing your money well is an absolute imperative for small business owners.  

This workbook gives you eye-opening perspectives and distinctions around money and managing that flow of money through your business in a way that leaves you with prosperity rather than with lack or always needing more. This training uncovers and transforms some your core beliefs and habits you probably hold around money, then gives you powerful perspective and simple action steps to gain the proper skill-sets for managing your money properly, especially around planning and budgeting.

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