Starting your own business can be scary.

Running and operating your own business continues to be scary.

Not getting the results you want or expect to get can be even scarier.

You fight with your inner dialogue.  You go back and forth between being inspired and being doubtful.

As you run into roadblocks, by pushing through and persevering, you become accustomed to the pressure and the overwhelm all this scary stuff brings you.  Being stressed starts to become a way of life.

And then you find help.  You start educating yourself about how to run your business so that it flows easily without all the previous effort and struggle.

You gain new skill sets.  You get re-inspired again because things are actually working and you’re getting the kind of results you always wanted.

It stops feeling so scary.

And then it happens…

You start doubting yourself again.  Why? Because that familiar feeling, that scary pressure of too much to do and lack of know-how to do it well is missing.   You begin to think you SHOULD be doing more.

It’s too easy. There must be something wrong!

Unconsciously, you start to look for ways to bring back that old familiar pressure, because at least you know how to be with it.

When this happens, your behavior can range from subtly causing breakdowns in your business by losing focus, getting distracted, stop doing the things that causes the flow, or just focusing your thoughts and your sights on negative circumstances.

This easy flow, lack-of-struggle feeling – that’s way too unfamiliar.

If this sounds just a tad like something you’ve experienced, there’s a reason.

First, know that the place you are aiming to be and the place I am leading you to is that place of flow, easy-to-operate, prosperity, joy, peace, purposeful fulfillment with the work you do in the world and for others.

My mission is to get to the place where your behavior and actions, informed by the new mindset and skill sets you’ve developed, will automatically cause you to focus on what’s in front of you (as opposed to the past, which is behind you,) be in the present, and produce a mundane consistency of superior results.

Often people have struggled for so long before they experience success that the “struggle” feels safer, more familiar than the success.  Watch out for this.

Know that when it starts to feel easy – too easy, celebrate.

If you know that you are following the right principles that I have been coaching you to follow, that you are being consistent and your schedule is filling with clients, customers or students that you really enjoy and that your work is serving both of you, then be thankful and keep doing what you’ve been doing.    Make sure you’re not feeling an urge to complicate things again nor cause breakdowns.

It’s supposed to get easier.  It’s supposed to result in flow.

Struggle never needs to be a part of it ever again.


Renae Bechthold
Professional Business Coach

Metro Business Coaching
Metro Health & Wellness

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