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You Have A Dream. You Know Its Possible.

You may not fully know the details and how to get there.  That’s OK.  We do.

What will a business coach do for you?

A good business coach can help you accelerate your growth and progress by years!

Imagine that in less than a year your business grew from just a few clients to a hundred or several hundred.

Now imagine doubling, tripling  or quadrupling your income in a year and spending virtually no money advertising, putting up fliers, and all the other things you’ve tried that don’t really work or last.  Imagine what that could  do for your life or your family’s life?  

Being highly aligned, having proper systems, structures, an empowered mindset, attitude, and habits, being able to stay out of your own way can do amazing things for your business and company. But how do obtain these things when you’re not really a business-y person, never went to business school, are scared or nervous to really put yourself out there but really want to help people transform their health or environment?

Not everyone needs a business coach. If you just do massage, yoga, energy work, pilates, coaching as a hobby or on the side, then you don’t need to invest in a business coach.


 If you have large dreams and large goals, or you are ready to scale your business to the next level, a good business coach will accelerate and guarantee your success.


Highly aligned organizations with solid and effective systems achieve 450% more year-over-year growth than their less aligned competitors. 2011 Study by the Aberdeen Group.

It’s time to get a business coach when…

  • You want to make your living entirely from being a holistic health professional or practitioner.
  • You want to be earning $8,000 to $10,000 a month in less than 2 years.
  • You want to scale your business beyond just you with a staff and revenue exceeding $30,000 to $100,000 a month.
  • You’re doing well financially and now want to expand and take your practice to the next level.
  • This is your first business venture and you want to do it right. (don’t want to lose time or money)
  • You’ve been doing this for awhile and aren’t making much money yet.
  • You’re Not sure how to market yourself or grow your business
  • Your business took a nose dive over the past couple of years.
  • You’ve lost your passion and you want it back.

A good business coach calls you to be someone that’s greater than you know yourself to be.  She holds a space  for your vision and your goals — all that you say you want to be.  Then helps you to birth it into being.

A business coach, like an athletic coach, causes you to excel. Your performance as a business owner goes through the roof because you are held accountable to your goals and to your business game plan.  You become more effective and efficient and you learn vital business skills and take action on them consistently.

We approach the growth of your business from a holistic perspective. Not only do we focus on how well your business is running but on transforming your own mental barriers that get in the way of your ability to operate more effectively and to handle more growth.  What that does for you and your life is extraordinary! You get to experience life the way you’ve always dreamed; with abundance, with peace, with ease,  with satisfaction, with contentment and freedom.

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“It’s amazing to see how it all came together for me over the last 4 years. It went by really fast! Also, it didn’t really feel like I did anything difficult to get here. The shift in my beingness with my business just gradually happened with your continual coaching and me practicing what you taught me to do. It really is that simple! The magic is in the gradual incremental changes. It’s like watching a plant grow. You never really see it happen, but, 4 years later, it’s a lot bigger and grew from a seedling to a strong whole plant that can bear fruit. My business is definitely bearing fruit — 6 figures a year for the past 4 years! I can’t thank you enough for your continual support, friendship, counsel and business savvy. You are a gift!”
Julie Redmond