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Committed to growing your business but don’t know where to start?

Your Free 1-hour Business Analysis and Strategy Session will give you valuable answers into how you can improve your effectiveness at growing and operating your business.

What’s Going On?

Several conditions going on in your business right now may compel you to give us a call for this valuable hour.

  • You may be overwhelmed dealing with the plethora of daily, weekly balls that keep coming at you, it’s wearing you down and you’re near burn out. Your business is making money, but its costing you your joy, passion and freedom.  There are very real solutions to this condition and its NOT “you just have to figure out how to do more or do it better.”
  • You may not be making enough money or attracting enough clients or even know how to properly for you specific type of practice.
  • You may find that you are doing way too much work and spending way too much time at it for the amount of money that effort is generating.
  • You may be starting your business or practice and truly want to do it right and minimize the costly mistakes you see your colleagues making.

Whatever the condition that prompted you to read this, I can guarantee you that this hour will give you so much incredible insight, knowledge and clarity and with that courage to start making different choices and taking different actions so that you can get much better results, for your business and for yourself.

It will also give you an experience of what it’s like to have a professional business coach — in your direct industry —  mentor you through strategies, systems and structures that will directly improve your results and as well as the work necessary to have you grow your business.

In this private call, we will focus on 3 primary things for you:

1) What’s getting in the way of your success — what’s causing all the mess or what’s got you stuck?

2) What do you truly want — what are your visions and goals for your business?

3) What the solutions are for you and how you successfully put them into place.

90% of the time, we discover a lack of proper and effective business systems and structures.  If you don’t have effective systems in place for your unique type of practice and really know how to work with your numbers (financial stuff), you will struggle to make your business financially successful.  Often this struggle leads to a loss of passion for why you got into this professional in the first place.  Running a business is a completely different ball game from being the trainer or practitioner.

This Business Analysis session will completely change your perspective on your business and give you enough clarity to seriously begin improving your results.

Business coaching and mentorship is not for everyone. But if you are:

  • Serious about growing and expanding your business,
  • Ready and willing to do the work it takes and put in the time to learning and mastering the necessary business skills,
  • Are committed to having a profitable business that brings you meaning and joy,

…then having a professional business coach is the fastest and surest way to get there. It will literally change your life!

Complete the request form or call us directly to request your Private Business Evaluation Session. Please call toll free 1.877.239.0340 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard time.

Our Mission: Metro Health & Wellness is committed to making a difference for Alternative Health and Wellness Professionals around the world. Our mission is to help build strong, profitable businesses through teaching and coaching professionals and business owners in fundamental business, marketing and sales skills. Mastering enlightened, yet sound, business practices are not only within your reach, they are essential for business success.

“I just really want to thank you so much for taking the time to follow up with me! You answered my questions very thoroughly and I appreciate the knowledge & expertise that you shared with me. It definitely puts what you’re saying into context and helps me as the client to relate to you. The resources you sent me are an added bonus which I am so thankful for as well. I would have to say that your passion, honesty, and ability to sift through my responses in the business analysis as well as your ability to clarify the business side of being a body worker and leaving me with some things to think about/consider were the most helpful. I seriously am so grateful that Angela recommended me to you!”
Danisha Anderson, California
“As soon as you finish your first day of Massage Therapy School, contact Renae Bechthold, Metro Health & Wellnes and jump on board. Do not give in to hesitation. Consume yourself in every detail of Renae’s instructions. If you don’t have the money, get a job waiting tables until you do! Be fearless! Have a ridiculous amount of faith! Take leaps into the unknown while led by Renae. My advice will save you thousands and thousands of dollars as well as endless hours of time struggling with frustration.”
Sharon Noles, RN-BSN, RRT, LMT, Florida.