Metro Health & Wellness – a company dedicated to the business success of health and wellness professionals

Metro Health & Wellness (formerly Metro Marketing & Media)(dbu Assurance Professionals Corp.) is a privately held company located in San Diego, California for 12 years, now in Flagstaff, Arizona. We are dedicated to coaching and training Holistic Health and Mind-Body business owners including, massage, bodywork, naturopaths, acupuncturists, yoga, pilates and fitness professionals, and health coaches to build thriving, sustainable and profitable businesses. By learning and applying fundamental business, marketing and sales skills, critical structures and systems, and important mindset and Universal principles, our clients’ get extraordinary results — from 100% to over 300% revenue and business growth in less than a year.

Our Mission:
Metro Health & Wellness is committed to making a difference for Holistic and Wellness Professionals around the world. Our mission is to help professionals in this industry expand into thriving, sustainable and profitable businesses through teaching and coaching on fundamental business, marketing and sales skills. Mastering enlightened, yet sound, business practices are not only within your reach, they are essential for business success.

Founder’s Mission:
“I have a passion that people in this field become amazing healers and grounded in business.  I want to help them manifest this so that the health and well-being of their communities shift, that the ordinary people who are their clients become empowered to produce health and healing for themselves and their families, and reclaim true choices in the matter of how they participate in a thriving and healthy life.” ~ Renae Bechthold