Pilates Business Master Starter Program gets you started learning and implementing critical business systems… for Zero Investment!

Thriving – Profitable – Sustainable


These 3 conditions are the hallmarks of a truly successful Pilates business:

Thriving:  You are experiencing joy every day. You love what you do because you see that you are making a difference and applying your gifts to others in a truly meaningful way. Your life is balanced and fulfilling. Your clients thrive because you are thriving.

Profitable:   You’re actually earning enough money to provide for yourself, your family and your future including extra to share with others in your community.

Sustainable:  You have the right business skills to produce stability, to scale and grow if you wish, and you have set up your business to last for many years to come no matter the external situations.

As the industry leader in Pilates business coaching and training, this is our commitment to you.

We are committed that you learn and master the business side of your practice so well that these three conditions are always present and active.  If they are, you can be confident that you will always make a lasting, meaningful difference for others in your community and for yourself.

If you are not fully satisfied with your business results or require more training on the business and marketing side of things, look below for some solutions. We are ready to help change your future.

Business & Entrepreneurial Training & Mentorship

Why Entrepreneurial Training


Being a great Pilates teacher or fitness trainer is not the same skill as being a highly effective business owner who gets repeatable bottom line results.

You are an expert at guiding your students to learn, to get results, get strong, be fit, be healthy, feel good.  Are you an expert at growing your business, attracting new clients, filling your programs and sustaining them? Are you an expert at managing your time well? Are you an expert at managing your finances in a manner that causes your business to thrive? Are you an expert at and do you have the confidence for leading, managing and inspiring others?  Do you have an empowering mindset that keeps you positive and motivated?   Are you adept at consistently repeating your successes? 

If you’re not, and want to be, you can be.  Business and Entrepreneurial skills can be learned, just like Pilates.

If you want to be great at the business side and have a profitable, sustainable Pilates business, that doesn’t run you ragged, then it’s time for a little Pilates business training. Call or click the link below for a Pilates Business Analysis session.  It will give you valuable insight into how you can improve your effectiveness at business, increase your income, increase the number of clients you serve and ultimately lead you to that level of financial success and freedom you’ve been dreaming of. This valuable hour gives you an experience of what it’s like to have a professional Pilates business coach directly mentor you through strategies, systems and structures that will directly improve your results and as well as the work necessary to have you grow your business.




Business Coaching

An Entrepreneurial Business Coach can take you to a new level of profitability & expertise. Private or small group programs will hold you accountable to your goals, increase your effectiveness, and help you to master vital business skills.



On Demand e-Learning

On your schedule, at your pace, our e-Learning programs are effective and affordable. Find an on demand e-Learning program that fits your budget and begin mastering the basics of business planning, time management, marketing, sales and more.


Free Resources

Developed specifically for your industry. Download and start applying these tools immediately. eBook – Audio learning download – Business Breakthrough Webinar – emailed Business & Marketing Insights

What Our Clients Say

Pilates & Fitness Professionals making a difference

Up until the beginning of last year, when I decided to go through Renae’s training, I was running in the proverbial hamster wheel and man were my legs tired. My business was surviving but we were going nowhere. Because of the honesty and guidance given to both myself and my business partner, my business is thriving and I love running it.

We have gone from constantly looking back on the previous month and wondering what happened, to looking ahead and planning for what we know will happen. The tools and insight Renae has into my type of business not only helps to take all the emotional handicaps those who are passionate about service and what we do for others have – she made us deal with some serious obstacles those emotions were causing.

“I’m loving this program and your guidance! I really appreciate your coaching and it has been pivotal for my business. I realize I have been working crazy hours just to stay where I am. The changes we discussed will allow me to begin to have a savings for the business. I have really had more productive, intentional use of my time. I have meet 2 of my goals already!”
Jennifer Wolfe, True Fit Pilates and Training Center, Bluffton, South Carolina