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How to Prepare, Plan, Recover, Build, Grow, and Stabilize Your Business  For The Most Important Year Ever.

Recovery, growth, and getting back on track is the context for 2021.

Your business probably doesn’t need an overhaul.  It needs a really clear, resilient and effective plan.

Not an idea.  A PLAN.

Great business owners know the importance of an annual planning process and how that sets you up for successfully reaching your goals both personally and professionally.

They know that the difference between having  a clear plan and not having one can be tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

After the uncertainty, challenges and changes that took place this year, and are still taking place, having clarity and a written action plan is now absolutely imperative… more than ever!

This year, instead of a large zoom class, I am offering a one-time individual, private coaching, hands-on training session to help you with creating and documenting your 2021 annual strategic plan.

Your cost for this is ridiculous — just one-third of my usual coaching fee — and this year you get PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE time with me to do your planning work.

Why am I doing this?

Well, for one, I think we are pretty much group-zoomed out.  You probably crave some real forehead-to-forehead mentoring to build momentum again.   Additionally, you may have suffered financially since April and I refuse to add to your pain.

Finally, if ever there was a year that we need to put extra effort into stabilizing and growing it’s 2021.  Since you are my business, I am modeling that extra effort for you by putting extra individual effort into making sure you are set up for true business success.

Choose One of Two Options

  • Grab your Private 1.5 hour planning session with the blue button below.  Only $97  — (regularly $300) — a 68% discount.
  • Grab your Shared 1.5 hour Planning Session with the green button below.  Only $147 if you want to share the time with a colleague, friend or staff. (Yikes, that’s 75% off!).

Once you’ve scheduled your spot and registered I will send you the documents and materials so you can get started preparing and gathering data.

I’m going to be hands-on with you every step of the way.  Start booking as early as 10/16/2020.  Last day to schedule is 12/18/2020



Here’s the Stuff You’ll Learn and Do

  • Cause extreme clarity on how your business will perform with major goals, minor goals, and a physical action plan.
  • Know exactly how much revenue your company will earn, month after month.
  • Map out your most important priorities and details that cause balance, cash flow, resilience, and profitability.
  • Know the sequence of actions to take —  what comes 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th, etc, that support the most robust dreams you have for 2021.
  • Put the most simple and effective plan in place BEFORE January so that you’re not losing precious time and momentum. Almost nobody does this in the small business world.
  • Be able to naturally and permanently let go of disappointment or frustration about what happened this year so that you’re fully empowered, confident, capable, and excited for 2021.
  • Establish a simple marketing plan for your 2021 goals, initiatives and revenue streams so that you never wonder or doubt how to attract new clients and retain current ones.
  • Create your  marketing calendar so that marketing actions you need to take are already scheduled.
  • The “secret” in-plane-sight method to increase your productivity and decrease overwhelm and confusion.
  • The essential elements required to manage a 5-star team/staff if your goals are to expand in 2021 — even if your “team” is just one extra person.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through this annual process using a method so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

Here’s the Stuff You’ll Get

  • Live hour and a half private, personalized, hands-on consulting/coaching around preparing for and planning your 2021 business year.
  • Workbook with charts, graphs, Excel and Word templates.
  • Info graphics with a sequential flow you can follow.
  • Marketing tools to help streamline your tasks around lead generation so that you can be consistent.
  • Access to your recorded session and all of these materials forever.
  • 50% discount (good through 12/31/2021) on-demand, intensive training video series for improving your marketing skills and sales skills.
  • 1 FREE month of a 12-month business coaching program if joined by 12/1/2021.



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