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2018 – Your BEST Year

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Having a profitable, abundant, meaningful, joyful, flow-filled business year doesn’t have to be hard.

But there is ONE THING you must do each year right now to ensure that your business gives you that experience.

What if you don’t do this or have never done this ONE THING?  

I can almost guarantee that you left tons of money on the table.

You did not make or grow as much as you wanted.

You were overwhelmed at times and worked too hard with not enough ease, flow, free time or personal income.

You didn’t finish your book, start you program, complete your projects, or add that new revenue stream or give yourself a raise.

And 2018 will be about the same if you don’t do it this year either.

What is this all important ONE THING?

Strategic Business Planning for your…

1) New annual revenue goal.   

2) Marketing required to hit that revenue goal.   

3) Time commitments and timelines.   

4) Vacations, time off, training & development.  

5) Additional resources required to hit your planned revenue: new staff, new location, new assets, new budget.

Once a year we offer this bust-through-last-year’s-barriers master class 2-part series for small business owners and professionals to help you prepare and complete your business planning for 2018.

It’s fun, a bit confronting at times, surprising and especially enlightening.

  • Walk away with extreme clarity on how your business will turn out 12 to 15 months from now.
  • Map out the most important details that cause profitability.
  • Put the most simple and effective plan in place BEFORE the first of the year — so that you’re already growing before your competitors are.
  • You’ll powerfully release disappointment or frustration about this year so that you’re full of empowered confidence and excitement for 2018.
  • I’ll walk you step-by-step through this once-a-year process using a method so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.
  • Setup a simple marketing plan & calendar for your 2018 goals so that you never wonder what to do next to attract or retain clients.
  • There won’t be any “secrets” held back. I’m going to share everything with you. In fact this is exactly what I coach my private clients to do.

It is the most important training and work to do on your business this year.

How does the 2018 – Your BEST Year class work?

Lasting between of  90 and 120 minutes, this 2-part webinar-style master class – 2018 – Your BEST Year –  is live and interactive over the internet or your phone. This gives you maximum flexibility and control in gaining this extremely important entrepreneurial skill.  We use ZOOM so that you can see my computer screen in real time as we do the work.  If you can’t make the live training, we record everything, both audio and video so that you don’t have to miss it.

It’s data heavy and work heavy, so you’ll get lots of knowledge, wisdom and information as well as time to actually work on your 2018 business preparation and plans.  You can ask me questions and  get feedback from me or your fellow participants.

You will also receive training materials, templates and processes preparing you to powerfully implement and execute.

This full 2-part series is only $95. 

You know, as a smart business owner, you can earn that back in just your first week, probably your first business day of the new year from this tools and knowledge you’ll gain in this 2-part master class.

Yes, I want to Register. Please Reserve My Seat

If you’re not doing as well as you’d like this year, it’s probably because you…

1) you didn’t set a strategic plan for yourself or your business, or

2) your vision or plans weren’t clear enough and lacked critical details, or

3)  you didn’t follow your plan because you weren’t very inspired or motivated and lacked effective systems to follow through.

2018 – Your BEST Year  will fix that for you.  

This 2-part webinar-style master class  happening in October and November, is just $95.

*(See how to get 50% refunded, below)

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Why Start Planning for 2018 Now… in October?

If you wait until January you are already into the new year.  Precious time for growing has already passed you by.  Once the fog of the holidays has lifted you’re already two weeks into the new year. You’ve lost valuable time and momentum.  January’s practically gone!

The time to strategically plan is BEFORE the new year.

If your “plans” are just in your head, than the details will be way too vague and fuzzy to ever build momentum or move forward. And if you’re really honest with yourself — your “ideas” just won’t manifest very well, if at all, since there’s…

1) Not enough clarity.

2) Too many distractions.

3) Too much scattered attention.

That’s also why we start this 2-part training in October and complete it by mid-November.  You have time to refine your planning and have a completed blue-print on paper by early December, ready to guide you and keep you focused.

You can relax and truly celebrate during your holidays. No pressure, no guilt, no procrastination. You’re ready to hit the ground running full out on January 2nd.

When is the event?

Date & Time:

PART 1:  Friday October 20  – 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Pacific time. (12 noon to 2:00 p.m. Eastern time)

PART 2:  Friday November 17 – 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Pacific time. (12 noon to 2:00 p.m. Eastern time)

Of course we record it if you can’t make it live.

I’m in. Reserve my spot.

Why only $95* instead of  $495?

Because my mission is that YOU thrive as a business owner and professional. I want your business to be so solid, so predictable and stable that your primary focus can be helping others transform their health, their life, their environment, their process.

The business owners I mentor use this same formula that I’ll be teaching you.   SEE BELOW FOR REAL WORLD RESULTS.

I don’t want you to stay lost-in-the-weeds just because you think you don’t have enough money to get trained in this critical business skill.    YES, I KNOW ITS WORTH MUCH MORE.

And… this cost is can easily be gained back in extra earnings within your first week of the new year IF you take action and apply the stuff you learn.

*BUT WAIT… as a new participant, I am so committed that you bust-through-your-barriers that I’m going to give you a chance to get a  50% refund from this full price.  This is open to you if you’ve never had a chance to do this training before.  

When you participate in and complete the 2-part series, send me a copy of the plans you prepared from the work that we did in the class and I’ll send you back $47.50!

PLUS, I am so confident about the level of success you can achieve by participating in 2018 – Your BEST Year, that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.badges1-gold

Since I firmly believe that there is as much to the unseen world as there is to our tangible world, all of this training and learning is set in a context of powerful energetic principles.  Therefore, we’ll also be addressing your mindset (thought patterns, emotions, energy field, consciousness, beingness, etc.).  These can so powerfully affect your achievements that many experts say it contributes 80% or more to your success and ability to easily attain 2018 goals.

What Happens During and After I Sign Up?

On the check out page, when registering and paying for this training, ENTER A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS otherwise you won’t get the instructions or the preparation materials and tools for the training.

After registering, you will be sent, via email, the link to download the 2018 -Your BEST Year Planning & Training materials as well as the details for joining the live event and/or the on-demand video streaming page.

Of course if you are unable to attend the live event, the training is fully designed for on-demand video access.  It will be video and audio recorded and available for you shortly after the live event for each session.

Call if you have any concerns or questions:  1.877.239.0340 or 1.858.689.9777.

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