3 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Biggest Excuse – Time

The topic (complaint, conundrum, lack of, frustration around)  TIME crops up more often in my conversations with clients than any other single topic.

Since TIME is an important resource for most of us, it stands to reason that it is also important to the growth of your business and your own personal growth.

Yet the challenge and frustration for our psyches is that — time just IS.  

We can’t change it.  We can’t add to it, nor take from it.  

We only get 24 hours in a day.  We only have 7 days a week. So does the President of the United States and every other leader for that matter.  Thus, we all have the same resource when it comes to TIME.

What makes one man or woman more effective at using it than another?

The answer is simple: Effectively managing that time, which, of course, starts with knowing how to manage the little bits and bigger chunks of the time we have.

1. Use The Right Tool.  The key is to first start with a structure or a tool that will help you manage your time.  That is usually a calendar schedule.   But you have to USE that calendar schedule, not just have it. Learn to use it like your right (or left) arm.  This is a vital tool for any entrepreneur! If necessary, get some training around using the various electronic calendar tools.  One of my favorite features in an electronic calendar is the recurring action.  When you have actions or activities that recur consistently on the same day or time, simply enter them once in your calendar or schedule and they will automatically recur into the future based on the pattern you require

Oh, you caught that bit about “consistently” did you?  Successful entrepreneurs behave consistently.  They are not wishy-washy, sometimes taking necessary actions, sometimes not.   Your time management tool helps you to be consistent, consistently.

2. Distinguish Priority from Stuff.  Next you have to distinguish between what is truly a priority and what is just “stuff” to do.  Then, decide — which means be decisive about — what you will focus on.  You can’t focus on everything and you can’t do it all at once.  So please stop trying or at least stop listening to the little voice in your head telling you that you should be doing everything all at once ( I think they call that your ego). Focus on the priorities, not the stuff. (By the way, you may be addicted to focusing on “stuff”).

3. Work From Your Calendar.  Write or type ONLY your priority actions into your calendar schedule and then work from your calendar schedule NOT a to-do list.

In his September 6, blog, Tyler Tevooren, writes:

“Success doesn’t depend on how much time you have but on what you do with that time.”  

His article goes on to focus on a slightly different topic, but that quote is one key principle to accomplishing and experiencing so many things in our lives, including peace, contentment, joy and balance.

If your life/business seems full, maybe even overwhelming at the  moment, ask yourself this key question, that Tyler asks at the end of his blog:

“What is one small but high-impact action I can take to get started or improve my larger project today?”

Then, keep it simple.  Just focus on that one thing and stop worrying or focusing on all the other stuff that you are unable to focus on right now.  It won’t help to obsess about it.  It only distracts you from getting started on or moving forward with that one small thing.

If you continue, (persevere and be consistent) each day or each week, plus identify and take one small, yet high-impact action towards your larger project or goal… I guarantee you will get there; you will accomplish it.

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