3 Reasons Why NOT To Develop Your "Brand"

3 Reasons Why NOT To Develop Your “Brand”

Branding2“Branding” is a topic that tends to be at the top of many of my clients’ mental priority list to develop for their business.  You may be at this point yourself.

You can’t go too far as an entrepreneur or free-lancer these days before you encounter all sorts of messages about the need and dire importance of coming up with a personal and business brand.  It’s presented sometimes as almost sacred, like you can’t be successful or even start your business without a unique brand.



3 reasons why you SHOULD NOT work on or develop a brand… (yet).

  • Unless you really know what a “brand” is or what “branding” is, you shouldn’t start throwing a lot of money around developing one – or paying someone to develop a “brand” for you.  (hint: your brand is not your logo).
  • If you don’t have a clear, well-defined and documented business model and understanding what your business is offering and who you are selling your services and products to, you’re putting the cart before the horse when it comes to developing your brand.
  • If you do not have a very clear Vision or Mission for your business and that vision and mission are documented in a Vision Statement and Mission statement, you have no basis, foundation, nor reality with which to even form your brand properly or effectively.

Having built and lead several companies for the past 30 years, I know a little bit about business branding… but I am by no means an expert, or I’d have a different business model.  But I have, over the years, developed successful brands and marketing strategies for my several companies.

If you now have your business foundations in place… and you are experiencing some stability, or at least momentum in your business, then YES, it may be time for you to dive a bit deeper and learn about what it will take to develop a more unique brand for your business.

The following link is a really good synopsis on the topic of branding.  I recommend you read it, whether you are ready to focus on this or not.  If not, you can at least begin educating yourself on what branding is so that when you are ready, you can be more mentally prepared, rather than knee-jerking the whole thing (and possibly wasting money and time).


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