End Of The Year MUST DO’S.

Is it nearly the last quarter of the year, already?  REALLY?!


Two important markers to pay attention to now that we are on the downside of the year.  This email is kinda‘ long so be sure to see the bottom.

1)Gear up and really build momentum.  We’re coming into one of the most critical 3 months of our business year. You can either capture the opportunity and build massive momentum, or you can get slowed down by the distractions every body else gets trapped by.

What distractions am I referring to?  The holidays… all sorts of them.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas and New Years. (Forgive me for not knowing all of the others.)

Everybody gets distracted, but especially your own clients, students and customers.  Be sure you are focused on and being consistent with executing your marketing system.  Double down if need be, but this is not a time to sit back on one’s laurels.  You’ll need this momentum to carry you past the distractions of holiday stuff and into January.  Massive action now will give you that momentum you’ll need.

2) Plan your business year for 2016  is the second important feature and function of your 4th quarter. That means setting strategy and goals.

Since you are in a regular coaching program with me, this webinar event is part of your program and participation is required.  Your BEST Year – 2016 is where you get trained how to do annual planning plus you get to do a chunk of the actual work during the webinar. Below are the details and dates.  If you are unable to make these live training dates, you can get the training via On-Demand.

Module 1 Oct 19 or 20Module 2 Nov 19 or 20




Click here for the details:  Your BEST Year – 2016.


You do need you to register – sign yourself up – even though it is no cost to you.  On the check out page, after you click the Sign Up Now button, apply the coupon code: CLIENT.  That will turn the cost to $0.

Can you tell your business friends about this?

Absolutely.  Please do.  But just send them to the  Your BEST Year page link: https://metromm.com/workshops/bestyear2016. Only YOU get the CLIENT coupon code, since you are an active client.

If you have questions about any of this, please contact me at 1.858.689.9777.

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