How Do I Get People Interested In My Services?

How Do I Get People Interested In My Services?

Interest of your audience- listener-client-potential client is not guaranteed just because you have something valuable to offer them.   Interest is in the eye, ear, or mind of the beholder ONLY.  To garner or attract interest, 1 of 2 things MUST be present in order to have your offering be relevant to them:

1) They have a problem/issue/challenge/thing, but DO NOT WANT it.

2) They want some thing/condition/experience and DO NOT YET HAVE it

There must be something happening in their lives, their bodies, their minds, their being, that will trigger that INTEREST.  We can’t GET people to be interested in our thing.  That’s not the way it works.  Thus to be frustrated with them or our ourselves is a type of energetic abuse.  Therefore… work on discovering where the intersection of their lives (any relevant conditions/issues/problems they have) matches or dovetails with the skill set and knowledge you have to give and serve with.

I work with health and wellness professionals on this piece in my business coaching programs.  Designing and creating an effective deliverable model of services, one that your audience can easily see and understand how it will make a difference for them, is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.  We are not entitled to have clients or to even have our client’s interest.  If we have a solution that matches either their issue, i.e. can solve it in a way that they can understand, OR, we have a solution that will provide them with their desire, then we have a match.  Then we can deepen a conversation with them and begin to present to them our possible solutions or packages of solutions.

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