How To Effectively Sell To A Live Group or Audience

//How To Effectively Sell To A Live Group or Audience

How To Effectively Sell To A Live Group or Audience

Question:  In preparing for a  presentation I am giving, I will have live testimonies that will speak volumes. Is there anything else I need to consider especially if my intention is to have 4 people buy my 10-week program?

Answer: What you are in effect attempting to do is to sell to one-to-many, rather than one-to-one.  That is what you are intending of your presentation.  You want to inspire, move and enroll your audience so that they “buy your service or program”.  This is a sales conversation that you are having with many all at once.

In this type of venue, you have to intentionally and purposefully set the stage so that with the context and content of your presentation,  your audience can naturally see what possible for themselves by engaging in your solution.  This stage is set by designing the exact sequence by which your presentation should unfold.

It’s like nature:  If you want to plant and have a flower bed, you have to decide, do you want it to look random and wild, like a wild meadow? Or, do you want certain specific types of flowers arranged a specific way once the sprout and grow?

If you want the latter, then you must pay attention to the soil. Is it the proper Ph for these seeds?  You must dig the soil up and condition it so that it is light fluffy and nutritious and the very best conditions for those seeds to easily germinate. Plus you plant them in a particular order so that when they have sprouted and grown and start flowering they are almost exactly what you envisioned or mapped out in your garden map.

Neither flower garden is better or worse than the other.  It’s just: what do you want as your end product?  Then go backwards and plan/do the exact type of work that is necessary in order to get those results.

Sometimes that means being conscious of and setting the right stage (conditioning your soil properly).

Here are the 5 stages of an effective one-to-many (group) conversation that will cause enrollment and conversion.

Credibility — there are your testimonials.
How It Applies — this qualifies your audience and uncovers the qualifying problems, impacts, presenting the solution — your program.
  Is It Worth It — how it will change their life, specifically to each individual in the audience.
Ask — direct them to take an action that will be consistent with the specific results they want in their life.
Register – – schedule, deposit, payment.

An enrolling and compelling conversation in the form of a group conversation or presentation is vital to converting and retaining clients.  Our On-Demand Webinars focus on this important business skill and will allow you to more easily gain clients and keep them.

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