Missing This Will Guarantee No Clients – Part 1

//Missing This Will Guarantee No Clients – Part 1

Missing This Will Guarantee No Clients – Part 1

Every week I get calls from frustrated massage therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. Their marketing isn’t helping them generate the steady stream of new clients they want.  It’s just not bringing in the revenue that they think they should be making.

My conversation with Trisha, from Chicago, was typical. I asked Trisha to describe her practice and her business goals. I asked her to tell me about her target market and what she was doing to attract new clients.

She easily described her bodywork expertise, the many certifications she had, the ads and flyers she was using to promote her business. Then I asked the question that stumps almost everyone who calls me for advice.


I asked Trisha if she had a word of mouth marketing strategy in place or any marketing plan for that matter.  She didn’t have one!

Do you?

Your HOW-TO Guide to Masterful Massage Business Marketing.  

It is so, so, so important that you have a plan and that the plan be effective and workable for your type of profession.

For questions about your own marketing efforts, whether you currently have a plan or not, please call me to discuss the challenges you are having and the breakthroughs you’d like to have.  Call me at 1.858.689.977.


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