Missing This Will Guarantee No Clients – Part 2

//Missing This Will Guarantee No Clients – Part 2

Missing This Will Guarantee No Clients – Part 2


Here are the main things you need in order to develop a good Marketing Plan:

Have a Marketing Goal — distinguish exactly what your marketing needs to achieve. What is its objective – i.e. how many qualified prospective clients do you need to generate each week?

Define Your Marketing Strategy — what is your overall approach relative to your goals, i.e. giving people information and demonstrating the value you provide.

Set up Your Marketing System — develop a plan of action, i.e. what are all the steps involved and when will they take place across time.

Map Out Your Marketing Activities — flesh out the details of what your actual activities will be, who will create them and when.

Sharpen Your Marketing Tools — each activity involves structures and tools, i.e. website, phone/conversation scripts, marketing messages, referral cards, etc.

Without an effective plan, you’re just flying by the seat of your pants and that doesn’t produce very good results.

In Metro’s Marketing Mastery On-Demand training we provide our customers with a massage marketing action plan that is super-easy to execute and produces a steady flow of ideal clients. Let me know if you’d like more information about this plan and the training course.

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