This Can Double Your Business In 10 Weeks

//This Can Double Your Business In 10 Weeks

This Can Double Your Business In 10 Weeks


Client referrals are the #1 way to build your clientele and fill it full of your ideal clients — you know, the kind who are happy to pay your full fee and who really value taking care of their body.  There is NOTHING faster or more powerful when it comes to marketing your holistic health or mind-body business.

Let me show you how fast it is with a very simple example using very conservative numbers.  If you got just 4 ideal client referrals a month, and you converted only 50% of them — which is 2 per month — (and that’s low), you would double your business in just 10 weeks.  That’s less than 3 months!  

There’s a catch to getting this kind of extraordinary growth and its’ this:

You need to put an effective referral process into place and consistently use it. 

The good news is that is COSTS NOTHING to do.  

99% of all holistic health professionals I talk to absolutely love getting referrals, but, they rarely, if ever, ask their happy clients for them. They just “hope” that they are good enough that their clients will refer them.  This “hope” approach won’t double your business in 10 weeks.

So, I recommend that you learn effective referral conversations and set up a referral system that works because you work it consistently.  That’s powerful.
Below is a link for your client multiplier chart showing exactly how getting 2 referrals per month can double your business.



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