The Red Flag Most Holistic Health Professionals Miss

//The Red Flag Most Holistic Health Professionals Miss

The Red Flag Most Holistic Health Professionals Miss


Use a weekly calendar schedule for everything — yes everything — including breaks, answering emails, returning phone calls, marketing actions and important administrative functions.  You may feel this is unnecessary or feel restricted or feel like a failure for not being able to stick to a schedule… But seriously how can you remember to do the important business building actions consistently if you don’t have a tool to help you be consistent yourself?

Inconsistent actions lead to inconsistent income.

Having a time management structure and following it is one of those hallmarks of really successful and effective business owners.  If this is not your strong suite, but you want to be more effective in organizing your time, start small.  Start with just one task; put it into your weekly schedule and practice being consistent with it.  This allows you to win, to experience successes.  From here you can then add more recurring items to your weekly schedule once you train yourself to be more consistent in one area.

We have a special on-demand training teaching how to be more productive by being more organized with your stuff, priorities and time. The first step is to recognize what a “priority” is for business owner. This training will not only give you new insights, but will walk you through how to implement this really effective time and task management system into your day to day business operations.

TIME & TASK MANAGEMENT –How to Get It All Done Without Getting  Overwhelmed or Stuck and Still Having Time For YOU


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