Why Written Goals?

//Why Written Goals?

Why Written Goals?

493919117Writing down your goals is an important KEY to growing your business. If they aren’t written down, our goals get lost and fuzzy in our head.  Make sure that your goals are clear.

Let’s take a look at what an effective business goal statement looks like.

They need to be specific and concrete, they need to be measurable, and there must be a projected completion date in in the statement.  Here’s an example. 

    “I will EARN  $5,000 a month by December 31st.

Here’s another:

    “I will generate at least 10 new clients per month by July 31st.”

These examples are specific… we know exactly what we are out to produce.

They are measurable –you have an easy number to measure — $5,000. 10.

And, you have a clear completion date. 

Without this simple, yet vital information, you will lack vision and direction with your business.  That’s like being in a boat with no GPS and no rudder or a car with no steering wheel or engine.

You can’t get anywhere.

Start by setting really clear and specific goals. 

In the Next blog we’ll deal with your fear of and resistance to setting this kind of specific goal. 

In METRO’S  business training programs we focus on the physical elements of setting really powerful goals as well as all of the mental and belief blocks that get in the way.  Holistic health and mind/body professionals who are now making 6-figures and more, have learned how to master both.

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