How To Overcome The Status Quo and Gain New Habits

//How To Overcome The Status Quo and Gain New Habits

How To Overcome The Status Quo and Gain New Habits

Question: Scheduling my work and day has been the most challenging part of running my business.  I assumed that once I set a schedule in place, like you teach, I could count on it to be constant.  Yet, everything else that’s not part of what I set my schedule for, seems to interfere… especially family matters.  Now I think my schedule never really will or can be consistent.



I feel you.  It seems challenging now.  And if you continue to persevere, to truly be committed to having a life that can flow and not be erratic with outer drama and outer influences that “seem” insurmountable, it will move in that direction and eventually your life will align with that consistent flow. 

Be patient.  Never cease working on it; like a classical painting or a work of art that requires time and contemplation and purculation to mix with our muse and become what it is meant to become.

Your Belief:  “Now I think my schedule never really will or can be…”   is quite powerful. 

Beware.  If you think it never will… it never will.

But rather, if you look at this temporary situation as just that — a temporary stepping stone that is part of the journey out of the deep dark scary forest, — then, you IMAGINE having a consistent schedule for both career and home life that enables EVERYONE to flourish as they were meant to flourish.

There is no shortcut or escaping the work we each individual are called to do to evolve our unique beingnesses.  The work can be done with greater speed, in other words, you can do the work in a year, or you can take 10 years to do that work, but  either way, there is no short cut to actually encountering our shadows and working through the pieces that our soul wants us to evolve up to.

The way the journey works is like this:

  1. You first become aware of the disconnection between the life you want and your current environment – situation – beliefs –  that support that experience of life you want.
  1. Then, you work on correcting some of the misalignments.  You begin to put habits in place.  You start thinking differently.  etc.  And nothing really changes outwardly… YET.
  1. Then, as you continue being in action, working on being consistent,  working on other stuff, like gaining resources and skills, and improving your thoughts, and releasing dis-empowering habits or ways of being, etc., you start to notice that sometimes you get great results and other times you get… NOTHING.Aaaagggghhhh!  How frustrating, right?  It is at this point you begin to question yourself.  Doubts come in.  You wonder if all the hard work you are doing — cuz it sure feels hard — is worth it.  At this point you can lose focus and completely lose presence to what the end goal was anyway and even why you wanted that end goal (conditions, life, career, financial, relationship quality, etc.).BUT… you continue to persevere because your coach told you to, encouraged you to and said that if you keep inwardly IMAGINING and thinking correctly, and staying focused on your goals and experience you want and life conditions you want and continue taking consistent but incremental actions that are aligned with those experiences and conditions, continue making small corrections and adjustments/improvements as necessary…

    then…you will begin to see that your results now are more consistent. Your outer world is starting to comply with your inner world most of the time.  Drama has settled down.  You notice that being calm is a primary way of being for you since you have now trained yourself to stop REACTING so much to what shows up in  your outer world — especially if it is perceived to be negative in nature.  Your results begin to align with the weekly goals you set and life is flowing much more easily.
  1. Finally, you have made substantial inner world changes.  In fact you notice that who you are has transformed.  Not that who you were before was a problem — it just seemed that who you were, your habits, actions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, didn’t support what you actually wanted in life.  So, looking at it objectively you decided to weed and fertilize (permaculture style of course), your garden and now you have a garden (life) that produces amazing results.  You actually feel content and happy and strong and gentle and alive.  Life just works out.  And you continue to do the inner work that allows life to work out or at least keeps you in the flow of life and universal flow.

Take heart and do the best you can and stay committed and willing to be willing to have and operate a consistent schedule.  Just keep getting back on the horse.  You’ll eventually stay on.  Just don’t over-stress about it.

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