How To Conquer Your Fear of Not Reaching Your Goals

//How To Conquer Your Fear of Not Reaching Your Goals

How To Conquer Your Fear of Not Reaching Your Goals

No LackHow would you behave if you NEVER felt that there was never enough time, money, or love; if there truly was no lack of money, food, water, land, birds, animals, forests, love, etc.?

  • How free would you feel? 
  • How readily available and eager would you be to serve?
  • How open and connected and generous of heart would you allow yourself to be? 
  • How fearless could you be? 
  • How quickly could you let go of envy, judgment, resentment, or fear?

Listen, if we are thinking about, focused on, and afraid of what we don’t have, that will have us spinning our wheels like a cartoon character wildly moving its’ legs but not going anywhere.   This fools us because its seems like we are in a lot of action; it seems like we are moving forward when we are really not.

How can you tell if you are really moving forward or not?  Track and count your results in writing.

Try moving through your day with the consciousness that you and your life and your business have an abundance of wisdom to give, an abundance of service to provide, and an abundance of clients coming through your doors.

Move through your day with a sense of certainty that the Universe is inherently designed to provide you with all the abundance you need. 

Like the air you breathe and are bathed in everywhere you go, the Universe is constantly bathing you in the flow of material abundance already. 

Feel it first.

Believe it like you believe daily that the earth revolves around the sun even though you can’t see it with your naked eyes — you just know it is so.

“The Universe is set up to work on your behalf” ~Marianne Williamson

Try making this simple shift in how you think throughout your day, saying,

“What if all this awareness about what I don’t have — my perceived lack — (and then my subsequent obsession on) didn’t actually exist?

What if it were just an illusion?  How would I act?  Would I reach out to my clients more, not to get something I think I lack, but to reach out because I am generous with my care and concern? 

How readily would you step out of the confines of your own personal concerns, opinions, and fears about what people might think of you and go visit other business professionals with whom you could form an alliance?

How much more bold and confident would you be and therefore make more of a difference for more people?

What if you could act this way now, and in so doing, it brought you all of the prospects you seek?

TRY THIS TODAY: Try for one entire day bathing your thoughts and belief system in the certainty that you lack nothing, that ALL is working to provide for you.

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