This Scary Fact Could Kill Your Business

//This Scary Fact Could Kill Your Business

This Scary Fact Could Kill Your Business

166153738Let me share with you this scary fact. 

It normally costs you 6 to 9 times as much money, effort, and time to obtain a new client or recall an old client you let slip through the cracks, than it is to retain a current customer in the first place.

This means you could be wasting THOUSANDS of dollars right now.

Here’s why.

Things have changed in the business world… or haven’t you noticed.  You customers’ expectations have changed.

They want more personalized engagement not less.

In a world that is so digitally driven with robots on the other end of the phone, people crave real human contact and not just during the client acquisition phase where it is common to give your potential customer a lot of attention.

We’re used to spending a lot of resources (and that usually means tons of money) going after new clients, while our current clients could easily be using our services again and again. 

Yet many massage therapists stop engaging properly with a client after their first visit.  THIS IS NUTS!

What that looks like is this:  If your time is valued at $60 to $90 an hour and you have to spend another 2 hours of that time trying to get a client to come back, in addition to the postage and mailings and discounts you are sending them – vs – learning how to effectively rebook clients while they are in still your office, you are LOSING money, not making money. 

Once they do come back for another visit, your earnings on that visit is now 300% LESS. 

It pays well to focus on client retention as much or more than new client acquisition or client recalls.

If you’d like to become a master at client retention and rebooking 80% to 100% of your clients EVERY time, please check out one of our Business Mastery courses on Mastering Your Intake and Retention processes.

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