The 7 Key Foundational Business Systems Required For A Thriving Pilates & Fitness Business

//The 7 Key Foundational Business Systems Required For A Thriving Pilates & Fitness Business

The 7 Key Foundational Business Systems Required For A Thriving Pilates & Fitness Business

The 7 Foundational Business Systems2_Page_1In April, Pilates Sports Center International is sponsoring its second annual Pilates Business Boot Camp with Metro Pilates, Metro Health & Wellness.  This training is open to affiliates of PSCI and other interested Pilates professionals who want to improve their business bottom line or fill their Teacher Trainer programs.

“Not only is it our mission to groom the most advanced Pilates Master Trainers in the world, but it is our vision that PSCI affiliate training centers have the best business results in the industry.” States Kelly Altounian, owner at Pilates Sports Center.

Mastery of the “business side” of being a Pilates professional, is as important a skill to cultivate as being a superb Pilates trainer and master trainer.  Your skill and knowledge around the business side of your practice is what fills your programs and classes and keeps them filled, no matter what the economy is doing, no matter what the weather is doing.

The biggest challenge I see Pilates and fitness business owners having is that they are so busy training their clients, they lack the time, organization, clarity and tools to operate their business in such a way that they can truly prosper — that means generating the income they deserve plus the joy and freedom they yearn for.

There are a handful of key foundational business systems that will cause a business to flourish without causing the business owner to burn out or sacrifice their personal life. Additionally there are a set of very simple, yet critical, systems that will fill your Teacher Training programs year after year.  It is important that, as a Pilates business owner or Independent contractor, you learn what these are and then consistently implement them in your own business.

[Download this info graphics that will illustrate in a simple circle the 7 foundational business systems that cause a thriving Pilates and Fitness business.]

Art Altounian shares with a group of PSCI Pilates Master Trainers how Pilates and Fitness Business Coach, Renae Bechthold, influenced their growth.


Strategic Planning

Knowing precisely what you want in terms of income, number of clients, how many programs, etc. is so fundamentally important to your success, it cannot be overstated.  So, each year you create a written strategic plan for your business and each new program or revenue stream you add, you do the same thing.  Get clear about what you want and don’t be apologetic about it.

Time Management

Then, in order to fulfill on that plan, that goal, you’d better be organized with your time because there are a lot of moving parts to being a business owner.  The better you are at time and task management (ie. establishing priorities), then the better you will do financially, always.


Now you can start doing your marketing.  The best way to get the very best, most cost and time effective results with your marketing is to create a documented marketing plan that tells you what to do, when to do it and how often to do it.  This is an action oriented business system.


Once you start creating great qualified leads with your marketing system, you’d better have a consistent and proven method for converting all of these leads into customers and then retaining them.  Your entire team should be able to convert and retain 80 to 90 percent.  If you’re not there yet, consider getting some training in this key entrepreneurial skill set.


Having a functional working business budget is also key to being profitable and sustainable for years.  Plus properly managing the flow of money through your business gives you the capacity for more.

Management & HR

If you have a team or staff, whether employees or independent contractors, you must – must – must have an effective set of policies, procedures and best practices that enable everyone to be pulling in the same direction.  This is especially important in order for you to manage client expectations and provide a consistently high standard of client experience.

Tracking , Measuring, Improving

 If you are not improving, your competitors are.  If you are not tracking, you don’t know what’s truly working and what’s not.  And if you are not measuring you don’t know what to improve.  Having this key system functioning in your business can alone boost your revenue by 10 to 20 percent or more.

The Take Away

Get the ultimate business training for Pilates professionals, PSC Pilates Business Boot Camp.

Once again PSCI is teaming up with Renae Bechthold, owner of Metro Pilates – Metro Health & Wellness to provide you with an opportunity to improve your business skills and results. This training will include:

  • Actionable advice, training, knowledge in key areas and business systems,
  • The most powerful way to eliminate distractions and overwhelm and become an effective productive professional or business owner,
  • An effective Marketing plan and approach that truly works for this industry and costs you no money,
  • A systematic way to convert and retain 80-90% of your qualified prospects into full paying  long-term clients,
  • Breakthrough in personal confidence by addressing the emotional and mindset issues that keep you stuck.
  • Forms, Materials, Templates to manage the key areas of your business.

View more information about this training HERE     –or-    
Get pricing, dates and registration info HERE. 


What Others Have Experienced

Since 2008, I have co-owned  and operated Remedy Pilates and Massage. Up until the beginning of last year, when I decided to go through Renae’s group training, I was running in the proverbial hamster wheel and man were my legs tired. My business was surviving but we were going nowhere.

Because of the honesty and guidance given to both myself and my business partner, my business is thriving and I love running it.

We have gone from constantly looking back on the previous month and wondering what happened, to looking ahead and planning for what we know will happen. The tools and insight Renae has into my type of business not only helps to take all the emotional handicaps those who are passionate about service and what we do for others have – she made us deal with some serious obstacles those emotions were causing.

When our contract was up in November I had no doubt I was not done. I signed on for another year, have $30K more in my bank account and am finding the life balance I was searching for the last 7 years. I highly recommend adjusting your budgets and bringing Renae into your perspective. It has been a life-changing experience.   Kelly Snailum co-owner at Remedy Pilates and Massage, Scottsdale, AZ


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Renae BechtholdRenae Bechthold is a professional business coach and entrepreneur of 30 years. Her primary passion is working with alternative, mind-body health and fitness professionals. She lives, plays and works in San Diego with her family, horse and dogs.

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