This “Magical” Action Can Increase Your Sales 30%

//This “Magical” Action Can Increase Your Sales 30%

This “Magical” Action Can Increase Your Sales 30%

TrackingMost holistic health and fitness professionals I talk to don’t like numbers.

They love the hands on work they do, but mathematics and numbers have nothing to do with performing techniques or teaching, they assume.  But what if numbers has everything to do with increasing the number of people you teach, train or provide services to each week?

Making more money and building your clientele is so much easier than you might think.  Let me explain how you can perform seemingly magic with your profits just by paying attention to some simple numbers.

In the 1950’s KitchenAid, the maker of high-quality kitchen equipment, was having a problem with defects in their mixers.  In fact so many were being returned as defective that it was adding a lot of unnecessary costs.  The plant manager tried telling the employees about the importance of quality, but it hardly made a difference. 

Then, a highly paid consultant came up with a simple idea.  The consultant hung a poster on the wall each week posting the number of machines with defects plus the number that were good.  That was it.  They simply put up a large sign showing everyone the performance measurements each week. 

The defect rate plummeted and quality skyrocketed.

Amazing! It worked liked magic. No bonuses, no threats, no additional training.  The simple act of putting up the numbers for all to see motivated everyone to get it right and it increased the plant’s profitability. 

So how does this apply to your healing business? 

Measuring your performance is a powerful tool.  It’s one “magic trick” any one can use to get better results.

Most people keep track of their monthly revenue, but what about the numbers that are the precursor to that revenue? 

Want to increase your sales by 20%, 30% or more? Set up a spreadsheet and document each week how many calls you made to leads, how many consultations you booked, how many clients you booked and rebooked, how many referrals you asked for and how many referrals you get each week.  Spend a few minutes reviewing your spreadsheet each week. 

Just this attention and focus alone will start to “magically” increase your numbers over the next few months. If you have staff, post this for them to see as well and even discuss the numbers with them.

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