The “Doin’ It My Way” Dance

//The “Doin’ It My Way” Dance

The “Doin’ It My Way” Dance

How do you recreate making the best spice-rub roast chicken or wild cherry pie or gluten free chocolate cake on the planet? (and you’re NOT a trained chef nor foodie).

You follow a great recipe, right?

You find out what the ingredients are — the highest quality ingredients you can find. Then you follow the sequence and timing of the steps… exactly

If you try to experiment, or substitute this for that or just plain do it your own way yet you’ve never cooked before, you will not end up with an extraordinary meal.  In fact, it may not even taste very good.

What puzzles the heck out of me is how many massage, mind-body, and healing professionals wanting the keys to a profitable, sustainable business, won’t follow through on the exact steps — the exact recipe– that will give them an extraordinary business.

I too have been in that same situation — “Just maybe I can get away with doing it my way”, I thought.

The reason people stay stuck in frustrating circumstances is that, even though they KNOW what to do, they don’t ACT on it consistently, or possibly KNOW HOW to ACT on it.

That’s why reading a book or even doing a self-study course may not be the best tool for you. 

Maybe you need something else to give you powerful compelling accountability so you can follow that recipe and finally achieve the results you want.

Ask yourself this first:

Do I really, truly, in my deepest heart and soul, want a thriving, profitable, sustainable business that makes a profound difference in the health and lives of others? 

Am I willing to do what it takes to cross the gap from where I am now to where I truly want to be? 

Am I that committed to my passion and vision? 

Does that occupy your thoughts constantly?

I am genuinely blessed to have coached some of the most amazing massage, bodywork, naturopathic and healing professionals alive today. 

They are probably not celebrities to the world, but they are miracle workers to their clients and communities.

They have become adept at the business side of their practices and have learned to operate their business effectively and profitably and have become even more heartfully connected to their clientele.

Scott Patton says: “Not only have a created a thriving and financially stable business after more than 20 years as a professional massage therapist, but I have more passion and more conviction about my work since working with you.  You are really a blessing and are truly gifted at what you do.”

In July, 2015 we open another affordable, small group coaching program.  Check out the Details here.

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