Don’t Get Stuck In This Marketing Pitfall

//Don’t Get Stuck In This Marketing Pitfall

Don’t Get Stuck In This Marketing Pitfall

Here’s what can predictably happen with a lot of massage and mind/body businesses. Owners spend time on marketing, build up a good momentum, attract a nice body of clientele, get great results, and thus generate a good income…


because things are going so well, they stop marketing. 

The follow-through and follow-up stops. Executing on the regular marketing activities stops because they are too busy seeing all those clients their marketing actions generated.

What happens then?

Their pipeline goes dry and momentum slows down. They start getting holes in their schedule and less income results. That causes negative and fear based emotions to rise. Stress goes up and intelligence goes down.

Here’s a solution.  Consistently execute on your marketing activities. Do something weekly. No less. Once your schedule is booked out several weeks, you can spend less time per week, but never stop marketing weekly.

What to do weekly can be another challenge. If it is for you, pop me a quick email and ask how to get an effective marketing plan put into place.

An effective Marketing System has a marketing calendar and consistently brings you a steady flow of ideal clients.  Find out  how to easily create your own unique marketing system.


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