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Creating 2020 – Part 2
Strategic Planning For Your Best Year Ever

Creating 2020 Journey to your planned destination

Following are important directions for fully participating in this small group training and getting the most value from it. 


In Part 2, we’ll be going into the WHY, WHAT & HOW details on your 2020 goals, action plans and timelines.

We’ll address your questions, concerns and any “freak outs” you want help with.

So bring the list of goals you’ve already worked on and be prepared to refine  and ask questions so that you are empowered to design and carry out a very successful and powerful year.

We use ZOOM for our live video training classes.

Logging in may take you several minutes so PLEASE BEGIN THIS PROCESS  5 to 7 MINUTES BEFORE THE CLASS STARTS.

To participate you can use:

  1. ZOOM from your computer using your computer’s mic and headphone settings to both see and hear.
  2. OR  2) ZOOM to view in addition to your own telephone to hear.

Login to Zoom:  https://zoom.us/join

When prompted, enter the following ID: 5127949173

Affirm that the ZOOM launched — or download the launcher onto your computer if this is your first time using ZOOM. Watch for any security settings your computer may have for prompting you to allow this download.

Once the ZOOM app is on your computer, you will see a dashboard screen where you can tell ZOOM if you want to use your computer’s mic and headphone for joining the audio portion of the class.

PLEASE USE YOUR  HEADPHONES IF USING YOUR COMPUTER’S MIC FOR SPEAKING.  Otherwise, just call in on your phone.   ZOOM also has an iPhone app if you are interested.

Conference Phone Numbers If Using Phone:  

One tap for mobile phone
+16699006833,,5127949173# US (San Jose)
+16468769923,,5127949173# US (New York)

Or Telephone:Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 512 794 9173


After you call in and enter you meeting ID plus # sign, you will either be muted or you will hear music or other people talking.  If you call in late, you will hear Renae talking or interacting with another caller.  PLEASE BEGIN THE LOGIN AND CALL IN IN 5 TO 7 MINUTES before the hour so that the training and group is not disturbed.

We start promptly.


*** Turn off your call waiting if you have it.  Close facebook and your email notifications.  Basically just shut down any possible distractions.

*** Be in a quiet area for this call/training. You are going to interact with Renae so you don’t want to be muted.  If there is not a quiet place to be and you know there will be a lot of noise in your background, then turn on your mute function.

*** Wearing a headset will significantly reduce fatigue, and allow more blood flow to your head . . . and you’re going to need it . . . I promise.

Here are some tips to keep in mind so you get all the information and ideas you can from this seminar:

–> Plan Ahead — Go to the bathroom before we start. Have some water and snacks at your work area if you need them. Tell your friends not to call you. Turn off the ringers on your other phones and your fax machine. Ask your spouse or kids to take care of the dog and keep the noise to a minimum. Have extra writing paper and pens handy.

–> Write down questions and type them into the Chat function of the ZOOM control panel.  You will see this once you log in – or just ask them out loud.

–> Write down ideas — As we go through the session you will have ideas of how a particular technique could apply to your business.

Jot those ideas down immediately. These events move along quickly so don’t kid yourself into thinking you will remember the idea at the end of the session. You’ll have many more ideas coming and we don’t want you to lose any of them.

Video and training slides will be available a few hours after the live event.