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Get Noticed With A Rock Star BIO!
by Loolwa Khazzoom

Knowing how to pick through your own work, history and experience to find those hidden jewels will get you noticed, not ignored.

Throughout her 15 years as a professional journalist and public relations manager, Loola Khazzoom has discovered that those who are the most passionate and humble are often those who are the absolute worst at recognizing, gathering, organizing, and effectively presenting their accomplishments.

“Focused on the work and not the image”, she states, “they leave a trail of jewels buried in the dust behind them, as they careen forward in making an impact on the world. Then they struggle for recognition in mainstream media, because they are not presenting themselves in the way that elicits media interest.”

That’s why Loolwa has put  have put together a DIY (do it yourself) live video conference,Write a Rock Star Bio,” happening this week on June 8, at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET on ZOOM video platform.

I’ll let her tell you in her own words…

I will teach you not only how to write the bio itself, but how to conceptualize it in the first place.

  • What is essential to include, and what is best to leave out?
  • How do you organize the information?
  • How many of each category of accomplishments should you list, and how exactly should you write about those accomplishments?
  • What if you have no major “bling” to date – can you still write a rock star bio, and if so, how?
  • When and how should you update your bio, as you grow in your work?

In other words, I not only will teach you about the nuts and bolts of what to write and how, but I also will teach you the thinking process that goes on before you even put pen to paper.

And that thinking process is the critical difference that will make your bio stand apart from the crowd and get you the attention that you deserve.

Write A Rock Star Bio

 happening via Live ZOOM video conference this Thursday June 8.
You can register for the class by clicking here or the button below.

It is is just $97  — which is about 10% of what it would cost you to have me write a rock star bio on your behalf.

Better yet, you’ll be able to write your own damn rock star bio for years up ahead, as you and your work evolve.


Once registered you will receive all the directions for attending this conference.

A quick story to make the point…

Back when I was a freelance journalist I wanted to write about one of my favorite local musicians, guitarist Shelley Doty, for the local daily paper – The San Francisco Chronicle. I knew that to entice the newspaper to pick up the story, I would have to highlight Shelley’s “bling” – ie, the most impressive accomplishments under her belt.

The Pitfalls of Modesty
Shelley and I met at a local café for an interview, and I spent half an hour pelting her with a barrage of questions about where she had performed, with whom she had performed, in which media she had been featured previously, etc. No matter how deeply I mined, however, Shelley provided me with not one solid morsel that I could use in my article pitch. Everything and everyone she mentioned was, by media standards, small potatoes. Knowing the mindset of editors, I gave up the idea of the article, well aware there was no point in even pitching it.

Sitting Pretty on a Gold Mine
So Shelley and I just hung out for an hour, drinking coffee and chatting. Somewhere in the thread of our conversation, she mentioned in passing how she had opened for the Lilith Fair – which was a major national music festival showcasing powerhouse women musicians, spearheaded by Grammy award-winning artist Sarah McLachlan. “Wait,” I interrupted her. “Just stop. You opened for The Lilith Fair?!?!” As it turned out, Shelley had sent in her demo tape, as part of a fierce competition for local musicians to be the featured opening act for The Lilith Fair, as it came through San Francisco. She had been selected from an avalanche of other musicians. I smiled, knowing I had my pitch lede and Shelley’s entry into the paper.

For more details on the upcoming live video conference, Write a Rock Star BIO ”  on Thursday June 8 at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET.


If you have questions about the upcoming program, or if you prefer to work with me one-on-one, give me a holler at 916-546-8238 or email me on my website form.