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Natural Medicine Business Success Stories

We are thrilled to feature some of our natural medicine and health coaching business owners and their companies. These business owners have taken on the responsibility of training themselves, implementing effective operational systems, reaching and maintaining profitability and are making a profound difference in their communities.

Dr. Elana Gelman
Dr. Elana GelmanNourish, A Center For Balanced Living in San Diego, California
“I just hit my one year anniversary running my own business! Without a question in the last year looking back YOU have been my best investment this entire year. Thank you for being a part of my journey and life purpose”.
Dr. Kelly Hassberger
Dr. Kelly HassbergerGrand Rapids Natural Health in Grand Rapids, MI
“This continues to be amazing for my business. I have noticed a continual influx of new clients and my staff seems to really be enjoying themselves more and more, the more I learn from you. I appreciate that!”
Gabrielle Traube
Gabrielle TraubeSan Diego Homeopathy in San Diego, California
Margo Cohen
Margo CohenHomeopathy Health and Healing in San Diego, California
Elizabeth Batterbee
Elizabeth BatterbeeFlourish Homeopathy in Albuquerque, New Mexico
“Thank you for handing me my business back. Thanks to you I am no longer burned out, but have reconnected with my love of my work, and am even having more fun with the business part!”
Michael Skardasis, MD and Erin Skardasis
Michael Skardasis, MD and Erin SkardasisThe Skardasis Group, Health Coaching in Marietta, Georgia
“Everything you’re coaching us on is gold. Thank you!”
Loolwa Khazzoom
Loolwa KhazzoomPublic Relations Manager for Wellness Practitioners in Sacramento, California
“…I just wanted to share that I am so deeply moved by your teachings. You are facilitating a paradigm shift that encourages people to imbue our daily existence with sacredness, in the very places that are taught to be crass and banal. What a blessing to work with you. I am learning so much, both from taking on the role of your mouthpiece, and from receiving formal business coaching from you. Working right now on the topic of about sales, I am reminded of the Jewish teaching to bring sacredness into every little thing in our lives – what we eat, how we dress, how we talk, how we do business, how we view nature, everything. To see Gd/dess in every single moment, and to see the opportunity for holiness in every interaction. Thank you. You are wonderful.”
Raquel Vasallo
Raquel VasalloInfinite Oxygen, Health Coach in New York, New York
“First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saw in me what I am really meant to be doing and it feels so wonderful to be manifesting this new path in my life. You were the first person to tell me I was a health coach and you believed in me.”