Natural Medicine Business Boot Camp

//Natural Medicine Business Boot Camp
Natural Medicine Business Boot Camp2017-08-25T23:52:50-07:00

 8-session live, webinar-based training for Naturopaths, Homeopaths,  Nutritionists, and Health Coaches who want to fill your practice more quickly with ideal clients.

This 8-week business boot camp is designed to provide you with better business structures, skills and acumen, plus help you systematize the business side of your practice resulting in a thriving, long-term sustainable and profitable business.

Does your business have a strong, functional environment that naturally causes successful, sustainable and profitable results?  Do you run it rather than it running you?  Are you pumped, inspired daily because your business is not only fueling your dream, its also providing you with meaning, energy, and freedom? 

If any answer was not a strong “YES!”, then…

Your business may need its own functional health program to
improve its core and foundation.

Being a superb, quality health and wellness professional is not the same skill as being a highly effective business owner who gets repeatable bottom line results.

Discover what absolutely essential systems you should have in place to guarantee a thriving and profitable business. Having a thriving business is like a coin with two sides — your practitioner skills and expertise plus your entrepreneurial skills and expertise.  You must be good at both.  Thankfully you can learn this.

“Much like building a house, you first need to prepare and plan.  Then you need to pour a strong foundation.  Only  when this is complete can you begin to build. Then no matter how ambitious or impatient you may feel, you must build in an orderly manner if the house is to remain standing.”

In this live business boot camp, we meet once a week for 8 weeks via telephone and internet.  Additionally, you’ll  receive downloadable materials, templates and tools so that you can practice, practice, practice.  You will gain these skills:

  • Learn how to and create a simple yet documented plan-of-action for exactly how you are going to fill your practice.
  • Learn proper and easy-to-implement marketing strategies and actions for your specific type of practice (that are more effective than you  ever imagined).
  • From a heartful and authentic based approach, learn a proven formula to convert “leads” into patients and retain patients as life-time wellness clients.
  • Methods to organize your time and priorities in a way that allows you to increase your business capacity as well as your personal well-being and freedom.   
  • Simple, yet amazingly effective planning, goals and accountability structures.
  • Get present to what motivates you and causes commitment so that your practice can more naturally fill.

Homeopath51 Frruit1Obviously, if you don’t have these elements actively present in your business or they are not effective in causing you to fill your programs and reach your goals, then… you’ve got some work to do.

Fill Your Practice. Fill Your Programs.

Price: $400
TIME:  4:30 – 5:30 pm
DATES:  April 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18; June 1, 8  



Produce Immediate Return and Results

  • 31% income growth after the first month in business coaching program.
  • 100% Average 1 year revenue growth of Metro’s coaching clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Since 2008, I have co-owned and operated Remedy Pilates and Massage. Up until the beginning of last year, when I decided to go through Renae’s group training, I was running in the proverbial hamster wheel and man were my legs tired. My business was surviving but we were going nowhere.

Because of the honesty and guidance given to both myself and my business partner, my business is thriving and I love running it.

We have gone from constantly looking back on the previous month and wondering what happened, to looking ahead and planning for what we know will happen. The tools and insight Renae has into my type of business not only helps to take all the emotional handicaps those who are passionate about service and what we do for others have – she made us deal with some serious obstacles those emotions were causing.

When our contract was up in November I had no doubt I was not done. I signed on for another year, have $30K more in my bank account and am finding the life balance I was searching for the last 7 years. I highly recommend adjusting your budgets and bringing Renae into your perspective. It has been a life-changing experience.”

   Kelly Snailum co-owner at Remedy Pilates and Massage, Scottsdale, AZ


After you place your order, you will receive an email with details on how to attend this boot camp plus your first brief assignment/questionnaire.  Please complete the assignment and return it to renae@metromm.com.

Or call Renae Bechthold at Metro Health & Wellness – 858.689.9777 – to set up a brief interview for this program and to discuss more details.