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Lay the Foundation for Your Business Breakthrough Success

What are the most urgent and critical steps for your success NOW?

Many professionals and practitioners in the mind-body-spiritual fields — including massage therapists, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, movement trainers and therapists, energy healers, yoga and meditation professionals, pilates and fitness professionals — struggle with generating consistent business success because they lack of ONE  super critical ingredient that was not taught in school or your training programs.

This missing ingredient causes a cascade of at least 5 other super critical pieces to your practice that are missing. If you had them in place and did them,

  • You’d be more successful.

  • You’d have more income.

  • You’d be helping more people.

Find out what these missing pieces are. Find out what the best solutions are. Start doing better.



This free on-demand business training class is designed to give you a breakthrough, RIGHT NOW.  It reveals the top 7 reasons why you may be stuck, not moving ahead, or possibly losing revenue and income.

There are just a handful of business-oriented skills and processes you mustmustmust have in place and working well enough to provide a sustainable flow of business and revenue.  If any 7 of these are missing, it could spell trouble.  And it’s hard enough owning and running your own business without trouble, let alone with it.

This video class will take you through the biggest problems AND the easy to apply solutions to solve these problems you may be having with your business.

If you’d rather by pass this free on-demand, self-directed video class, then call me for a Private Business Breakthrough :: 1.858.689.9777

If you are:

  1. currently struggling in your business,
  2. not attracting or retaining enough clients, or are
  3. simply ready to leap to the next level with your business but feel stuck in knowing the right things to do without losing your shirt or getting burned out…

…then this on-demand business training class is exactly where you should be.

Bring your dreams and aspirations as well as your most challenging questions.  I will walk you through each major “system” in your business and help you to see, not only WHY it’s important that you master the business side of your business or practice, but HOW you can solve some of the most common business problems health and wellness professionals have and then WHAT to do to to solve those problems become a master of your business side.

About the Trainer:  Renae BechtholdRenae Bechthold

Renae, CEO, business authority and coach has been building, growing and operating profitable companies for three decades.  She uses her two distinct passions 1) holistic health care and 2) causing profound transformation for others — along with her unique experience and business acumen, to teach other business owners in the professions of health and well-being how to thrive as a business and as business owner.  As co-founder of an integrative health care practice in the 1990′s, Integrated Healthcare Solutions, her small company grew to nearly half a million dollars in sales in just 3 years.

Renae is uniquely “bilingual” in the languages of business and wellness.  She skillfully guides her clients in merging passion, possibility, and profit.  Her approach to business success is mirrored in how the human body itself thrives — optimizing its health through simple strategies, universal principles and specific, effective action steps.  A deeply spiritual woman Renae is committed to her clients’ success and is with them every step of their journey — knowing that the stronger their businesses, the greater their ability to change the world, one healthy person at a time.

Her skill at teaching, coaching and transmitting basic and advanced skill-sets required for higher income is demonstrated by her clients’ extraordinary growth.  Professionals who participate in her training programs double, triple, or quadruple their income within one year.

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