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Thanks for Requesting a Business Analysis Session


What happens next?

Thank you for requesting a private Business Analysis session for you and your business. We value your time!

Realizing you are busy and juggling multiple priorities, our commitment to you is that this hour be productive and eye-opening.

I will be contacting you shortly to set up the date and time for this over-the-phone session. This time will be reserved especially for you so that you can see your business and your goals from a different vantage point; you can really get clear what your business requires in order for you to absolutely reach those goals and dreams you’ve been holding.

If you’ve visited our site, you won’t need to go far before finding out that we are out to radically change your operations, your income and thus your life.  We are committed to helping you thrive, be profitable and have a sustainable business.

I commend you for your commitment to growing your business, to making a profound difference for more people and for seeing that you need a balance of solid business skills along with your professional skills to have your ultimate vision of success.

I look forward to our call and to helping you realize your vision.


~Renae Bechthold



Metro Health & Wellness is committed to serving and making a difference for Health and Alternative Professionals around the world. We believe that blending Spirit and Universal principles with authentic, heartful, and sound business strategies is the model for successful business in the 21st Century. We are interested in helping professionals learn and master solid business skills that are aligned with a higher purpose to enable them to produce extraordinary results and make a difference for hundreds of people.