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Make $100,000 Annually
Mastering the Business of Yoga


Introducing the highest level of business
training ever developed specifically for the yoga instructor, yoga therapist and yoga professional.


A self-directed mentoring program including comprehensive yoga business development, marketing and sales manual/workbook, forms, templates, marketing flyers, structures, systems, processes, audio recorded coaching + 12 months of live coaching and training.

“Spending on holistic related industries, is expected to be $77.2 billion by 2015.”

The time is NOW for you to get serious about turning your yoga business into a thriving, profitable enterprise which offers you personal fulfillment while making
a profound difference in the lives of others.

Metro Yoga is the leader in yoga business coaching and training. How can we say that? We’ve coached and trained over 2,000 companies world wide and we continue to set the standard for business excellence among our clients as they watch their businesses and income grow, thrive and become stable. Not every yoga therapist or body worker can say that about their own business. We aim to change that. Our commitment to this industry and our mission is to make every yoga business owner financially successful and a pillar of excellence in service to their communities.

You will quickly learn how to master the business side of yoga.


Who should enroll in this Yoga Business Master program?

  • Professionals and Instructors who want to make more money with their current business.
  • Professionals and Instructors who are starting their own business.

If you are in business for yourself and are committed to doing better — better financially, better at serving more people; better at attracting the quality clients you want, better at retaining them, better at understanding and applying business skills as well as mental habits and universal principles, to your own business, then this is the perfect solution for you.

Our Yoga Business Master Self-Study Coaching Program is designed to empower professional yoga teachers who run their own business or who want to. The program is presented from an experiential and hands-on, action-taking approach that has you immediately applying new skills, new insights and new behaviors. This approach has you getting better results from the first week. You also learn a heart-centered approach to doing the business side of your practice — the side of yoga business that is most misunderstood and overlooked.


Module 1 & 2. Starting Your Success Journey

Positioning yourself for success. Gaining an understanding and background on the vital system, structures and processes that are required for a thriving yoga business. Private and Corporate Yoga components and their differences. Understanding the two critical components of business success. Getting organized and learning simple time management techniques that underpin and support everything you do.

Module 3. Gaining A Powerful Mindset

How to cultivate powerful mental habits; Core principles and characteristics that run through all successful business owners and businesses and why; Techniques for keeping yourself focused, motivated, committed and intentional.

Module 4. Developing Your Vision & Road Map to $100k+

Creating a clear vision for your business; Setting powerful yet realistic and effective goals that lead to consistently real results and real achievement. Understanding and applying the principle of accountability.

Module 5. Marketing

This module covers what is required for marketing a private practice into a thriving, stable and consistently profitable enterprise. You learn marketing skills specifically applicable to yoga business. Learn systems, strategies, and planning for both private based and corporate yoga; Learning what marketing is and how to do it effectively without being pushy or sales-y; Learning, creating and mastering the foundational and primary word-of-mouth marketing strategies; Creating effective marketing action plans. Learning to track, measure and produce ideal client leads.

Module 6. Sales And Retention

How to effectively convert ideal interested leads into clients; How to keep (retain) clients long-term by their enthusiastic choice. Learn, develop and create powerful, natural and authentic sales systems for yoga by not becoming a sales person. Learning and creating systems for corporate yoga client acquisition. Effective systems tracking, measuring and generating long-term clients.

Module 7. Smooth Flowing Operations

Effective practice management and client interaction strategies and systems for both private training, studio training and corporate business.

Module 8. Creating Financial Success

Effectively managing your financial gains through understanding and setting up proper and powerful financial systems; Learning to budget in order to keep your gains and have the lifestyle you desire; Proper bookkeeping and tracking systems.

Module 9. Business Management

Business Management – how to effectively manage your entire business and wear your business owner hat in a way that leads to long-term profitability and prosperity.

Module 10. Avoiding Roadblocks & Obstacles to Success

Identifying the common and often hidden pitfalls and roadblocks to yoga business success and learning effective solutions to avoid or surmount the blocks that are often self-induced.

FREE BONUS: 2 Live Coaching Calls

Although this is primarily a self-study program with materials you can easily use on your own, it’s helpful to have a warm-body expert to talk to when you’re first navigating new details and learnings. So we’ve thrown in a couple of calls that you can claim whenever you need to. We hope that this will ensure that you are not alone on your important business growth journey.  When learning any new skill-set questions come up, obstacles get encountered.  We want to make sure you can get them answered and keep moving forward. This BONUS alone is worth nearly the cost of this entire self study program.

Documents & Templates


Includes Tool Box of Documents & Templates: Professionally designed and customized marketing pieces for private and corporate promotions print and digital ready; Pre-written professional corporate letters and proposals; intake forms; progress forms; practice management templates; tracking forms and templates; marketing plan templates; goal and projection templates; financial templates and forms.

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As you successfully complete this program you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your business.
  • Set effective goals that lead to consistent results.
  • Be more focused and increase your time management skills.
  • Master your marketing and attract your ideal client — the type of clients you really want — and retain them.
  • Increase your income.
  • Confidently run and operate a profitable business that makes a profound difference for others.

You will learn:

  • How to strategize and effectively plan your road map for a successful yoga business;
  • How to set powerful weekly, monthly and annual goals in a way that has them be easily and naturally achieved;
  • How to attract your ideal clients;
  • How to work with other professionals, including medical professionals, and have them send you clients;
  • How to set up a powerful and executable marketing plan and spend $0 on marketing, yet still have a waiting list;
  • How to keep your clients;
  • How to comfortably communicate and speak with clients and others naturally, authentically and from your heart;
  • How to motivate your clients to take care of and be proactive about their health;
  • The most powerful system and structures on the marketing for setting up corporate yoga programs;
  • To understand the language of finance and generate much more income, pay off debts and create abundance for you and others;
  • How to stay organized and not get overwhelmed;
  • How to create more time and freedom in your life – no kidding;
  • How to manage your own dis-empowering thoughts turning them into a powerhouse of motivation, excitement, and good habits.

Program Title: Yoga Business Master Self-Study Coaching Program

Program Overview: Comprehensive course detailing specific strategies and step-by-step approach for growing a thriving 6-figure yoga and bodywork business.

Course includes:

  • 500+ page 4-color manual and workbook plus recorded coaching on Mp3’s for every module.
  • Learning business growth strategies and concepts.
  • Creating and setting realist yet effective goals that lead to real results and real achievement.
  • Effective marketing strategies and action plans specifically applicable to the yoga business, including specifics down to exactly what to say and exactly what to do in each common situation encountered.
  • Learning principles of effective sales systems and retaining clients naturally, authentically and effectively.
  • Learning easy, yet effective time management and organizational structure and processes that support business and income growth capacity.
  • Budgeting and mastering the language of the financial side of owning a yoga business.
  • Assessments, tools, techniques, forms, documents and electronic templates designed to support effective growth and operations.
  • Building mental habits that naturally cause success.


Course Objective: To provide you with the necessary coaching, systems, tools, and training in order to have you grow and develop a thriving 6-figure business.

Learning Format: Your own computer to access your digital or printed manual and the other forms and tools included in building your business skills. Phone and Internet access is needed to participate in the monthly live training sessions on a secure site.

Business Technology: The only special technology you will need is a computer, printer, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash video player. A standard software media player. These software tools are installed on 98% of all computers. Additional technology needed: Microsoft Office for PC or Mac. Recommended: Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal or other electronic calendaring system, smart phone.

Certification Exam Requirements: None.

Estimated Completion Time: The average business owner can complete the manual and workbook portion of the program if they dedicate approximately 30 hours of time (classroom application). Real world execution to build out and reach up to $8,000 a month could take up to 2 years. Depending on your dedication and your willingness to follow your plan and the coaching, put in the time, and do the work, it could take you less than a year. Monthly training webinars are once a month for 12 consecutive months.


Special Pricing

  • 1 payment
  • Full printable manual/workbook with all tools and components delivered via usb drive.
  • Free shipping.

Affordable Payments

  • 3 payments 30 days apart.
  • Full printable manual/workbook with all tools and components delivered via usb drive.
  • Free shipping.