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Thank You For Purchasing A

What happens next?

You’re almost to the finish line, but before you get there, here are a few things you should know.
#1 First, you will be receiving your business development manual (digital files), workbook and other digital materials in a few days on a flash(usb)drive.

Inside the package you are about to receive are very important instructions on how to get started. Please read them thoroughly.

#2 Secondly, you will also be receiving 2  live Coaching and Training calls to assist you with questions, concerns and anything else you require from your self-study program.

You may schedule these at any time provided they coincide with your coach’s schedule.  Either way, we’ll get you scheduled.

Prior to scheduling your first coaching call, please have done the following:

  • Go through all of the materials and have them organized on your computer and readily available to utilize.
  • Have printed out your manual and placed it into a 3 ring binder with dividers for each each section.
  • Read the first 4 chapters

These training sessions are for you. They will enable you to get initial questions answered plus coaching around actions or concepts you may find challenging. Be sure, as you go through the self-study portion, write questions down so that you can ask them during these  sessions and get them answered.

#3 Finally, be sure to follow the instructions for getting your customized marketing materials produced. We’ll need some information from you before customizing these materials for your company and business. Again, these elements are listed on a sheet inside the package you are about to receive via U.S. Mail

Communicating Effectively

Email now days is such an imperfect way of communicating. Things land in spam, junk, or promotions and then important stuff doesn’t reach you.

Please help me get important stuff to you by ensuring that my email address or anything from @metrmm.com or admin@metrosanrin.onmicrosoft.com is an approved email address for your to receive.

It’s awesome to have you on board. I’m excited for you and the journey we’ll be on together.

Please call us at 1.858.689.9777 if you have questions.

Talk with you soon.


~Renae Bechthold
Metro Health & Wellness.




Metro Health & Wellness is committed to serving and making a difference for Health and Alternative Professionals around the world. We believe that blending Spirit and Universal principles with authentic, heartful, and sound business strategies is the model for successful business in the 21st Century. We are interested in helping professionals learn and master solid business skills that are aligned with a higher purpose to enable them to produce extraordinary results and make a difference for hundreds of people.