Getting Known In Your Community Part 1

//Getting Known In Your Community Part 1

Getting Known In Your Community Part 1


Networking is a marketing function that is like finding gold but only if you know how to do it right. Many people feel very uncomfortable with networking so they honor their discomfort and just don’t do it.

Networking is NOT a way to have you sell to people; it’s also not primarily for telling as many people as possible what you do then handing out as many business cards as you can. But that’s what a lot of people do. No wonder you avoid it. It’s too much pressure to get people to want you and like you. That approach focuses on yourself and wastes the few precious moments you have with new and existing contacts.

Yep. Networking is not about you.

<p>Networking with an intention to service your contacts rather than “get” referrals or “sell” yourself reduces your anxiety and improves your value in the community. When networking, ask others what they do and what they need and then ask who you can refer to them.

This should be the first step in building a two way networking relationship.

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