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Examples of Success

What our clients say…

I have worked with Renae for a full year, when I first transitioned from a full time corporate job of ten years to start my solo healing practice and I have benefited deeply for her business coaching on how to build my practice.  Renae is extremely professional, thoughtful, dedicated, experienced, grounded and real. I would recommend Renae to any healer/therapist/counselor/spiritual teacher I know who wants to increase their business.  The profound result of our work together is that I have organically grown my spiritual/healing practice successfully in the profitable ways that I wish. Thank you, Renae!  –Hayat Faysal, Dubai

I am SO excited for this year, and feel exactly like you said in our Annual Planning session —  “You will hit the ground running in January where other businesses are still planning their year”.  I have some CLEAR goals for this year which are in writing in my planner, and in front of me every day at my desk, and I am already taking steps to make it happen! Because of your coaching program last year, I grew my revenue an amazing 276%!  –Sheri Lawler, North Carolina

Your business develop manual, Massage Business Master, is phenomenal.  Love it. Love it. Love it.  It’s like our business bible now.  –Tunde Kovacs, Quebec

I just hit my one year anniversary running my own business!  Without a question in the last year looking back YOU have been my best investment this entire year.  Thank you for being a part of my journey and life purpose. –Dr. Elana Gelman, Naturopathic Doctor, San Diego, CA

Everything you’re coaching us is gold. Thank you!  – Michael Skardasis MD, Georgia

As I continue to build on my mindset, implement more efficient methods and tools that you are teaching me for my business, keep up the educational conversations with clients, and become consistent with my follow up and past client calls, my confidence level in my phone conversations and my educational conversations, is at an all-time high.  It’s been such a revelation that when a potential client calls for an appointment to simply ask the question “what’s going on with your body?” In just a 2 minute conversation the booking is made and I practically learned half their life story. What a rush!!!… —Karen Thomas, Florida

Renae promises that we can earn $100,000 a year as massage therapists in under 2 years. It took me only 6 months! I am immensely grateful for her coaching and guidance. I’d recommend Metro’s business coaching programs in a second to anyone truly wanting to build a strong and thriving practice.
Julie Redmond,  San Antonio, Texas

I am so happy with my progress, momentum and falling in love with my work all over again – thanks to your coaching!  It’s truly amazing.   Not only am I making more money but I feel so much more fulfilled that I am helping more people.  My investment in you has been the best choice I ever made.
Dr. Elana Gelman, California

“What’s so amazing since I’ve been in Renae’s business coaching program is that I  have been experiencing a much more wholesome relationship with my family.  I now know how to manage my time and I am so much more organized I actually have time to get all of my business work done and be with my family too.”
K. Thomas, Florida

“The [Metro business coaching program] continues to help me stay on task with my goals and achievements! I had a really big week this week in getting ready for the teacher training that starts on Tuesday. I have 2 full programs.

One of the reasons for me doing this program was to be able to streamline my business and have it run more efficiently so I can have more time with my family. This weekend was busy and great! My husband and I went to a couples retreat and had a great time. So much Fun!”
Jennifer Wolfe, South Carolina

“5 ½ months ago I had 13 clients in my practice.  Today I just counted 34!  I have only 10 openings yet to fill before I have a waiting list.  My income shot up by a wopping 400% too.  Renae provided me with invaluable coaching in how to structure my programs and conversations.  I convert my leads easier because now I actually know how to.  She’s also provided me with technical advice on everything from complex contracts with affiliates to simple ways to structure my time so that I can actually have a life beyond work that I enjoy.”

Claudia Zaragoza, Mexico

I found the workshop to be very practical and helpful. And I’m enjoying the homework and looking forward to the second session. Also, once again, I must say that I am so impressed by your coaching and communication skills and style. Thanks for all you do!
E. Walter, Dallas, Texas

Your corporate program is phenomenal!
Cherae Mabry, Largo, Maryland

I so love what you do. You keep everyone and everything in line and uplifted at the same time. Thank you so much for your coaching.
Naomi J, San Diego, California

Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate you, and I think that you are the BEST!!
Kim Lee, South Carolina

I reached my best financial month ever! Woohoo!!! Thanks for your amazing coaching over the past eight months and showing me I can do anything I put my mind to. Thank you for being such an amazing coach. You are truly gifted and you have been such an inspiration.
Erin Wilson, New York

Your coaching program has been worth every penny tenfold. Our deep appreciation for your guidance and we look forward to much more success to come in these next 6 months!
Alice Dommert, Pennsylvania

I had no idea I could reach this goal with such ease! …I am thrilled! Yahoo! It’s happening. It’s really happening…thank you Renae!
Padma Gordon, padmagordon@comcast.net

Thanks for taking me to a new level. Couldn’t have done it without you!!
Susan Palace, Georgia

So far in 1 year I have quadrupled my income. Amazing life, Renae…Amazing! I am so grateful. I can hardly believe this is my life.
P. Gordon, California

I am awed and inspired by your energy and ability to empower me – doing whatever I’ll do. You are really walking your talk and making large footprints in motion! Thank you.
Patricia J, New Jersey

“Thanks for another great coaching session today. I am always excited to immediately implement all I learn. My days are so productive, fun and on purpose after our sessions!!”
Susan Palace, Atlanta

Thank you so much! That was the most personalized response from any service provider that I have ever encountered. I personally ‘trust’ your professional business advice. You didn’t have to respond, and most people would charge for that kind detailed advice. Thank You, Renae!
Dameon Rawls, Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you for handing me my business back. Thanks to you I am no longer burned out, but have reconnected with my love of my work, and am even having more fun with the business part!
Elizabeth Batterbee, New Mexico

“…I just wanted to share that I am so deeply moved by your teachings. You are facilitating a paradigm shift that encourages people to imbue our daily existence with sacredness, in the very places that are taught to be crass and banal. What a blessing to work with you. I am learning so much, both from taking on the role of your mouthpiece, and from receiving formal business coaching from you. Working right now on the topic of about sales, I am reminded of the Jewish teaching to bring sacredness into every little thing in our lives – what we eat, how we dress, how we talk, how we do business, how we view nature, everything. To see Gd/dess in every single moment, and to see the opportunity for holiness in every interaction. Thank you. You are wonderful.”
Loolwa Khazzoom, Northern California

Thank you so much for your weekly coaching. I find what you have to offer so valuable to me as a human being, not just as a business person. It’s such a a great experience for me to accept someone’s time and patience in helping me learn and grow as an individual. To have a coach who is genuinely interested and willing to help me is something I’m deeply touched by.
Melodie Balmer, Oregon

The first week my reaction to this course was “oh no, this is Law of Attraction stuff, not my cup of tea.” But by the second week I found the techniques very powerful. This past week, I became convinced this is the knowledge I am supposed to receive right now. This week what I worked on manifesting was some IT consulting – specifically a $30k job to tide me over for a bit. I just got off the phone with a consulting company and my part in the project came out to $32K. It’s supposed to start next week! I will continue to focus on this manifestation and will let you know.
Beth G, New York

I want to thank you so much – i love the CD and have almost got through it! Already as i put to use the tips i have seen an increase in my business and improvement to my attitude.
Vanessa Haycock

We have experienced our best year ever in growth, revenue and effectively operating at higher and higher standards. I owe it to you Renae. I could not have done this without you.”
Denise Perry, Riverside, California

“Thank you, Renae, for your inspiration, knowledge and support. January is not even finished and I surpassed my financial goals for income this month and reaching for more and more… Thanks to your webinar and pushing myself to clarify, clarify, clarify…”
Robert King, Florida

A MILLION THANKS for being such an instrumental part of my development as a business owner, as a teacher, and as a human being whose vocation is in service to the well-being of others. You’ve enriched my life immeasurably.
Erin Hansbrough, New Mexico

Just wanted to say “Thank You” for what you do… I always feel empowered after I talk with you. Blessings on your work you are awesome at it!
Kay Degner, Wisconsin

Before working with Renae, I had a dream of opening up a yoga studio, did the research, even created a business plan, but couldn’t make the next necessary steps. I was stuck in the dream versus the reality of opening my studio. Renae helped me work through the issues that were keeping me stuck and helped me clear the way towards my dream. When I’m too caught up in the dream, she brings me back to reality, and on the flip side, when I get stuck in my analytical mind, she brings me back to why I am doing this in the first place. She has helped me balance myself and create realistic goals. I now have a beautiful studio that is full of amazing students and teachers. I reached my financial goals 6 months after opening. Renae continues to help me grow my business and stay heart centered in the process.
Sherry Smith, Florida

First of all I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saw in me what I am really meant to be doing and it feels so wonderful to be manifesting this new path in my life. You were the first person to tell me I was a health coach and you believed in me.
Raquel Vasallo, Madrid, Spain

Thank you so much for all you have done to help, your coaching is phenomenal.
Keren Duncan, Ontario Canada

I feel so grateful to have you as a coach. I have grown so much both on a personal and professional level. I am on a mission to bring health and happiness and you were put on my path to make it happen. Thank you!
Raquel Vasallo, New York City

These flyers are really great and I can’t wait to implement them in our marketing. Also, the Massage Self-Study manual is also great and should be required reading by any person desiring to go into business, whether that business be massage or something else.
Don Walsh, Florida

Renae is my business coach. After several years trying to start a practice on my own, it was still barely functioning. After a year of Renae’s coaching, my practice is strong and thriving, to a level I had hardly dreamed of. She has given me the confidence, direction, and knowledge that I needed. Her system works, and she is always strong and on target about keeping me on target. I highly recommend her if you want to have a successful business in a short time.
Jim Gates, New York

We just wanted you know how thankful that we are to be working with you – while it has only been a few weeks we feel so, so fortunate to have you holding the space for us and our business. We feel so supported and know we are growing in ways that would not be possible without you and your wealth of experience. I am so glad the Universe, and Google, helped us find you and we deeply appreciate your being fully present for us in our work together.
Alice D. & Sarah H, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Within 2 weeks of my first business coaching session with Renae, I saw a huge difference in my business. I went from doing 2-3 massages a day to doing 5 a day, consistently. After 2 months of coaching I reached the financial goal that I thought would take me 6 months to reach –even with Renae’s coaching. My business now serves 85-90+ clients a month. What is so surprising about this is that it now seems really easy. Before starting Metro’s business coaching program, I was scared, overwhelmed and had no idea how I could build my business to the level I dreamed about. Renae gets to the root of why your business is not prospering and gives you the tools and guidance to create a successful business.
Ally Palmer, San Diego, California

I am learning so much with you. I am growing and expanding. Thanks for all your support and advice, I am so grateful to have you as a coach, you are really amazing.
Raquel Vasello, Spain

You are truly an amazing woman and I feel completely blessed to have had these past years working with you…in fact our time together has been more important for my personal growth than the actual work that I do…for some reason that comes easy to me, but the professional growth I have experienced working with you has expanded me in ways I never really thought I would be able to grow, all with it being exciting, challenging and wonderfully successful…THANK-YOU !!!!!!!
Abi Southgate, Oregon

This year, 2011, we have experienced our best year ever in growth, revenue and effectively operating at higher and higher standards. I owe it to you Renae. I could not have done this without you.
Denise Perry, California

I am greatly indebted to your product for the success of our business which is literally booming.
Marla Pelletier, Washington DC

If you really want to take your business to the next level then I highly recommend Renae. In just 4 months I increased my revenue 52%. She helped me put into place the exact things I needed to help me consistently reach my goals.
Jackie K, Connecticut

My business has continued to grow (and get easier!) since working with you; classes are packed, I’m booked solid with private clients for the three months, and our studio’s teacher training is filling up fast. Thank you so much for the strong foundation you helped me build–it’s still paying off!
Erin Hansbrough, New Mexico