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Creating 2019

What happens next?

Look for an email with detailed instructions. CHECK YOUR SPAM, JUNK OR PROMO TABS.

This email lists instructions about the date, times, phone number, login information, etc.  Please print that email out and keep it somewhere visible. 

Mark your calendar with the date and time so you don’t forget.

If you are not already a current coaching client we will be calling you in a few days to have a chat and so that we can determine together what you want most out of attending.

Download and print the pre-webinar materials now and follow the instructions on page 1 and 2. (see below).

For the ON-DEMAND recorded class:  You will receive the same instruction email and also will receive the recorded video 2 hours after the live event. 

Click/Tap on the links below to download and print the eWorkbook for your pre-class assignments and the class materials. This PDF document will first open in your browser.  

You can print or save to your computer from your browser screen.  Then, follow the instructions on pages 1 and 2 of the workbook.  Both documents below are the same.  One is less megabytes making it quicker to download.